Meps call on the european commission to publicly defend political prisoners in Kazakhstan

On 6 May 2021, eight MEPs from 6 political groups, which monitor the human rights situation in Kazakhstan, addressed the European Commission with the following requests:
— strengthen the attention of the European Commission on the eve of the EU-Kazakhstan Cooperation Council meeting scheduled on 10 May 2021;
— use the resolution of 11 February 2021 as a guide for working with the Kazakhstani authorities and civil society towards democratic change;
— increase the EU support for Kazakhstani human rights NGOs and human rights defenders WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION: meet regularly, monitor political courts, the detention conditions of political prisoners and increase funding programmes for human rights defenders;
— the dialogue on reforms should be based on concrete results, not just promises;
— the EU should publicly express its concern to the authorities whenever human rights defenders, journalists, civil activists and political opposition members face threats, persecution and harassment for exposing and raising issues related to human rights violations as well as corruption in Kazakhstan;
— organise regular preparatory meetings with local civil society prior to the high-level dialogues, and emphasise the importance of the implementation of Kazakhstan’s international obligations.
The MEPs concluded by saying:
«We want the people of Kazakhstan to enjoy the benefits of a free democratic society, and are looking forward to effective cooperation with you and the institutions you represent in achieving this goal.»
Lyudmila Kozlovskaya