Political persecution in connection with peaceful protests on 24 April and 1 May 2021

As of 08:00 (Almaty time), 4 May 2021, together with our colleagues we have recorded:
1) In connection with the protest scheduled for 24 April in Almaty, organised by the Democratic Party (DPK), with the demands: no to land lease to foreigners, no to Chinese expansion:
— 1 case of political persecution (administrative arrest of 15 days in Shymkent city on 26 April).
— Refusal to hold a peaceful protest issued by the Akimat in response to a notification.
— Threat of prosecution by the prosecutor of Almaty. Almaty city sanitary doctor reminded of the prohibition of mass events.
2) In connection with protests on 24 April in various cities of Kazakhstan, organised by citizens of Kazakhstan under the topic «Жер Сатылмасын» («No to Land Sale»).
The organisation and coordination of peaceful protests took place in WhatsApp chats.
— 3 refusals to hold protests on 24 April issued in Astana, Uralsk and Zaisan.
— 19 preventive political persecution in 13 cities and localities (including 4 administrative arrests).
— 33 political persecutions in 12 towns and localities on 24 April (including 13 arrests).
3) Peaceful protests on 1 May organised by the opposition «DCK» movement, with demands: freedom for political prisoners, implementation of demands stated in the European Parliament resolution on the human rights situation in Kazakhstan dated 11 February 2021, no to compulsory vaccination against COVID-19, price increases — Nazarbayev’s fault.
— 18 refusals issued in response to notifications to hold peaceful assemblies on 1 May in 11 cities and localities (citing «quarantine» as a reason for the refusal).
— 53 preventive political persecution in 21 cities and localities (including 14 administrative arrests).
— 90 political persecutions in 20 towns and localities on 1 May (including 49 detentions, 2 administrative arrests, 2 administrative fines, 2 administrative cases — trial is expected).
— Threats of prosecution from prosecutors in Almaty, Astana, Shymkent, Aktobe region.
— Sudden closures of the following places: Arbat in Almaty due to «quarantine», the Central Park in Almaty due to a “disinfection”, a park in Astana — places of protest.
— Prohibition of public transport to reach Central Park (protest site) in Almaty, allegedly due to «road repairs».
— Other forms of persecution include surveillance outside houses, threats from police officers, hacking into social media and messengers, and blocking the internet.
— Rough treatment (during arrests) was recorded in respect of:
! Ninagul DZHUMANIYAZOVA — police officers used a strangulation hold (their knees pressed on her neck), multiple bruises, possible craniocerebral trauma;
! Yerkin KAZIYEV — multiple bruises, abrasions;
! Dastan BAZENOV — closed injury to the left shoulder joint.
— Police and riot police officers literally captured activists and ordinary people like terrorists — without introducing themselves, without showing their documents and without explaining why.
— The police and OMON officers covered their faces with masks, hoods, umbrellas, hats in order to avoid responsibility for gross human rights violations.