Abay Begimbetov to perpetrators: The anger of the people is destroying strongholds!

During the hearing on 28 September 2021 the political prisoner Abai BEGIMBETOV told about his 16-year-old son being driven to his death by the incessant persecution by the perpetrators:
«The anger of the people ruins strongholds! You are standing on the black side. You are going against the people! But, it is understandable that you are all aware of this… But you are afraid. You’re all afraid!
You all know very well that this is lawlessness. You’re embarrassed by this lawlessness. And for that — I know they can hear it now — those who have been persecuting me for years, who have been monitoring my house for years, who have given me administrative arrests, imposed restrictions on where to go and where to travel…You will all answer for this!
I am not a cunning person in life. I am basically kind. I do not want to wish anyone harm, honestly. But what happened to my son — I won’t forgive anyone! Especially those people who are involved in this persecution.
Keep in mind, everybody: it’s not that I’m afraid of any kind of sentence. You can put me in jail for ten years at least! I will stand for the truth till the end for the future generation of Kazakhstan. I will not only spend those years in prison, if necessary — I am even ready to give my small life for the big one in the future! That is what you must bear in mind. The truth is on our side no matter what you say, no matter how you accuse us. It is only a matter of time.»
Political prisoner Abai BEGIMBETOV had been informed of the death of his 16-year-old son two days before the trial. Abai’s own state of health is rapidly deteriorating, but Judge KASSYMBEKOV Yernar absolutely ignored these facts.
How many more lives will be ruined by Nazarbayev’s regime and the silence of the Kazakhstanis?
Lyudmyla Kozlovska