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Statement on the need for the authorities of Kazakhstan to take urgent measures in connection with the spread of COVID-19

Taking into account the systematic failure by the authorities of Kazakhstan to ensure the implementation of the rights of prisoners in detention facilities, we, representatives of human rights organisations and citizens hereby call on the international community to take all urgent measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection in penal colonies and detention centres of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We insist on the urgent need to release all prisoners whose criminal prosecution was recognised as politically motivated by human rights organisations and to replace the unserved portion of their prison terms for milder forms of punishment. Those people include political prisoners Aset Abishev, Almat Zhumagulov, Kenzhebek Abishev, Aron Atabek, Maks Bokayev, Yerzhan Yelshibayev, Sanat Bukenov, Zhambyl Kobeisinov, Ruslan Ginatullin, Igor Chuprin, Igor Sychev, Murager Alimuly, Kaster Musakhanuly and the victim of politically motivated prosecution Dmitriy Pestov.

Following the introduction of the state of emergency in Kazakhstan in connection with the spread of COVID-19 (from 16 March 2020), at least 32 civil activists have been detained in seven cities for expressing their opinions. At least 17 people received administrative fines and warnings. Statistics show that instead of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, the authorities are continuing to harass their political opponents.

Monitoring missions in places of detention in Kazakhstan have repeatedly uncovered violations of the conditions of detention of prisoners, paying particular attention to the failure to provide appropriate medical care and the use of torture. The UN Human Rights Council points to the lack of an effective mechanism to investigate torture in Kazakhstan. At the same time, the European Parliament criticises Kazakhstan its use of torture with impunity. Thus, the detention conditions of prisoners in Kazakhstani prisons and pre-trial detention centres do not meet international standards and pose a particular threat during the spread of the coronavirus infection.

The penal colonies do not comply with quarantine conditions; inmates and prison staff do not have personal protective masks, COVID-19 tests, or the necessary medicines (paracetamol). In the conditions of living in barrack-type buildings (with from 30 to 150 people in one room), there is no possibility for self-isolation of prisoners. There is information that acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) enter the penal colonies through employees. Paramedics in the penal  colonies are not able to establish a diagnosis for sick inmates or provide them with the necessary medical care.

The Kazakhstani authorities systematically ignore information about the true state of prisoners from human rights defenders, preferring to use official information from the Committee on the Criminal Executive System, which is neither objective nor unbiased. Kazakhstani authorities persecute those who inform society about violations in the penitentiary system. Moreover, inmates themselves are often afraid to report offences, as this could negatively influence their treatment in the penal colonies.

In the situation of the coronavirus infection pandemic, it is the inmates who are the most vulnerable and constitute one of the main risk groups for contracting the virus.

The authorities of Kazakhstan should refrain from choosing arrest as a preventive measure against civil society activists being prosecuted for expressing their opinions and against participants in unregistered peaceful civil society movements, and should review previously selected preventive measures in favour of those not involving detention. In the context of the economic crisis that Kazakhstan is experiencing, penalties for activists for expressing their opinions should be lifted.

Based on the aforementioned, having in mind the provisions of the UN Convention Against Torture, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as the statement of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment of 20 March 2020, we hereby urge the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the OSCE/ODIHR, WHO, and diplomatic missions in Kazakhstan to appeal to the Kazakhstani authorities to:

  1. Reduce the number of people serving sentences in places of detention by reviewing and selecting a non-custodial measure of punishment for persons recognised as political prisoners by human rights organisations (indicated above).
  2. Refrain from arrest as a preventive measure against activists prosecuted for expressing their opinions, citizens supporting the ideas of unregistered peaceful movements, opposition journalists and bloggers.
  3. Review previous court judgements on administrative arrest of participants in peaceful protests and unregistered peaceful movements, in favour of non-custodial measures.
  4. Annul all administrative penalties imposed on activists during the state of emergency.
  5. Observe the rights of prisoners in accordance with the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, as approved by the UN Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders as a condition for the development of investment cooperation and reform support programmes.
  6. Allow international monitoring missions to verify the conditions of detention of inmates in prisons and pre-trial detention facilities in Kazakhstan, with the participation of diplomatic missions of EU member states, and representatives of the OSCE office in Kazakhstan.
  7. Refrain from using the state of emergency for unjustified violations of human rights and freedoms, suppression of dissent, and prosecution of activists and human rights defenders.

Signed by:

  1. Toregozhina Bakhytzhan, Public Foundation ‘Ar.Rukh.Khak’, Almaty
  2. Ageleuov Galym, Public Civil Society Foundation ‘Liberty’, Almaty
  3. Semyonova Yelena, Civil Society Association ‘We Are Against Torture’, Pavlodar
  4. Human Rights Initiative ‘Kakharman’, Nur-Sultan
  5. Human Rights Movement ‘405’, Nur-Sultan
  6. Temirgalinov Akylbek, activist, Pavlodar
  7.  Zhuaspaeva Gulnara, attorney for East Kazakhstan region,  Almaty
  8. Dzhimbaev Murat, Karaganda
  9. Mukhametzhanov Saylaubek, retiree, Almaty
  10. Utepova Aigul, human rights activist, Astana
  11. Begishevа Unzila, Almaty and ect.
  1. Babashev Marslen, lawyer, Almaty
  2. Ulzhagalieva Toygan, Atyrau
  3. Kudaibergenov Yerzhan, Taraz
  4. Kaltaeva Nazira, lawyer, Shymkent
  5. Aytozha Fazyl, civic activist, retiree, Karaganda
  6. Krestyansky Gennady, civic activist, Almaty
  7. Dzhanabaeva Asel, journalist, Almaty
  8. Abdurakhmanov Marat , economist, Almaty
  9. Ashim Ardak, Shymkent
  10. Zhakyp Akan, Kоkshetau
  11. Amirova Ayzhan, Almaty
  12. Yeshodin Erbol, cook, Astana
  13. Adenov Kenzhe, self-employed, Almaty
  14. Bagnur Bek, Almaty
  15. Urazbekov Arman, Atyrau
  16. Sadvakasova Ayia, Stepnogorsk
  17. Khamzina Nursulu, Astana
  18. Uvaliev Kuat, self-employed, Semey
  19. Cherkazyanova Lina, Kapchagay
  20. Zhusip Sagat, retiree, Kyzylorda
  21. Demeuova Zhazira, Almaty
  22. Moldabekov Daniyar, Almaty
  23. Amanzhol Bakhtiyar, composer, Almaty
  24. Kenzhegaraev November, journalist, Almaty region
  25. Serzhan Gulzada, Almaty
  26. Zhanakbaev Gulbala, Almaty
  27. Mashpiev Rollan, Semey
  28. Imanbai Inga, journalist, Almaty
  29. Naurzbaeva Zira, moderator of the site Otuken.kz, Astana
  30. Kaliev Erlan, human rights activist, Almaty
  31. Zhahin Serik, Astana
  32. Ablyazova Karlygash, Almaty
  33. Sembay Dosan, Almaty
  34. Seidakhmetova Zubaida, teacher of elementary school, Astana
  35. Ibrayimkhanuly Khalelkhan, Almaty
  36. Onlanbekkyzy Asel, Astana
  37. Zharylgap Kalybay, Almaty
  38. Gulshat Adi, Almaty
  39. Khamzina Maria, Pavlodar
  40. Zhakupova Aliya, doctor, Astana
  41. Aimuhametova Saule, Almaty
  42. Kopbaeva Botakoz, Almaty
  43. Umirbaev Darkhan, Astana
  44. Tuleubaeva Nazgul, Astana
  45. Satekov Bakytgali, builder, Almaty
  46. Tazhkenov Amantay, Aktobe
  47. Abisheva Dinara, Astana
  48. Egeubaeva Dinara, Almaty
  49. Alkhodzhaev Talgat, Shymkent
  50. Biekenov Serik, Aktobe
  51. Suleimenov Zhaslan, civil activist, blogger, Astana
  52. Askarov Serik, Astana
  53. Zhanuzakov Marat, Kokshetau
  54. Zhanuzakova Ayman, Kokshetau
  55. Sazambaev Mahabbat, Astana
  56. Musirova Aigerim, Almaty
  57. Alzhanov Kuandyk, Aktobe
  58. Ahmedyarov Askhat, Astana
  59. Nurusheva Alma, Astana
  60. Khamzin Abuzar, Astana
  61. Amangeldіgizi Aynur, teacher and activist, Kyzylorda
  62. Sabanshiev Erkin, engineer, Talgar
  63. Erseitov Kaisar, Aktobe
  64. Sand-Ahmet Sandugash, freelancer, Kostanay
  65. Aydarbekova Saule, Almaty
  66. Musaeva Roza Zhanabaevna, pensioner, Astana
  67. Zhubanov Tlegen, Semey
  68. Klyshev Kairat, activist of “Koshe party”, Almaty
  69. Temirkulova Zhanar, Astana
  70. Shardarov Saken, Almaty
  71. Popova Venus, Zhanaozen
  72. Toleu Bakhtiyar, Karagandy
  73. Kalasov Askar, Аktobe 
  74. Valiev Darkhan, Taldykorgan
  75. Bespaeva Fariza, Astana
  76. Abdіgappar Zhomart, activist, Almaty
  77. Atygayev Nurlan, Almaty
  78. Sabitov Aybek, Astana
  79. Musaeva Rosa, retiree, Astana
  80. Akimov Kuanysh, Zaysan
  81. Aminov Serik, Astana
  82. Imangalieva Dinara, Lenger
  83.  Shocken Mayra, Astana
  84. Suleimenova Almira, manager, Ust-Kamenogorsk
  85. Umarkulova Dana, Almaty
  86. Dzhakishev Nurlan, Almaty
  87. Kiyabaeva Ardak, Almaty
  88. Usenova Gulsara, Astana
  89. Abdrakhmanov Nurlan, Oral
  90. Izmagambetova Zhanil, Aktau
  91. Kalykova Gulmira, Astana
  92.  Jahin Amangeldy, Astana
  93. Kaimuldinov Bulat, Aktobe
  94. Rahmet Dana, Astana
  95. Asylkhanov Zhangazy, Almaty
  96. Kosanova Nazym, Shymkent
  97. Isaev Eduard, Almaty
  98. Ibraeva Karina, Astana
  99. Dzhangaskin Talgat, Semey
  100. Absemetova Ainura, Almaty
  101. Sabirbayev Abdikadir, Aktobe
  102. Zholamanova Bibіgul, retiree, Almaty
  103. Kaziev Erkin, Kaskelen
  104. Abdiev Konay, Almaty
  105. Kravets Eugene, Pavlodar
  106. Rakhat Rakilya, Almaty
  107. Arystanov Medet, activist, Astana
  108. Mukashev Samat, Astana
  109. Uksikbaev Nurkabyl, Aktobe
  110. Mysagali Duambekov, President of International Academy of Ecology, Karatau
  111.  Tatybaev Duysenali, retiree, Shymkent
  112.  Zainov Elubek, Almaty region
  113. Knasov Alibek, mechanic, Almaty
  114. Baitemirov Edige, Aksai
  115. Kozhalieva Togzhan, HAQ, Almaty
  116. Tuletaev Berikbay, Aktau
  117. Nurlibaeva Kenjesh, pensioner, Almaty
  118.  Karabaeva Karlyga, Almaty region
  119. Zhumabekova Shuga, retiree, Astana
  120. Kydyrbaeva Ainur, Almaty
  121. Akkozy Anar, journalist, Almaty
  122. Aldabergenov Suyundyk, Almaty
  123. Baysagatov Aidar, activist, Uralsk
  124. Simonenko Sergey, Telecommunications Engineer, Petropavlovsk
  125. Aytkulova Nuraliya, Almaty
  126. Syzdykov Gani, Shymkent
  127. Battalova Dina, Pavlodar
  128. Talbaev Sharipkan, retiree, Almaty
  129. Duman Tursyn, Astana
  130. Malaev Erkin, Almaty
  131. Altynbekuly Marat, Kyzylorda
  132. Torebek Timur, Taraz
  133. Turusbekova Zhanar, Almaty
  134. Dosalieva Balakyz, Shymkent
  135.  Kubasheva Darikh, retiree, Almaty
  136. Nuraliev Azamat, Atyrau
  137. Abayuly Murat, Kyzylorda
  138.  Zhaksybaev Asset, Almaty
  139.  Aituarov Ulan, Astana
  140. Mukanov Serik, Aktobe
  141. Tapenov Ayan, Atyrau
  142. Tuxikova Altynay, Aktobe
  143.  Akhmedov Anuar, retiree, Shantobe
  144. Borykbaeva Kulumkhan, Almaty
  145. Alshynbekova Sheker, Astana
  146. Kulmakhanbet Nyrgul, Shymkent
  147. Khalelova Bakiz, civic activist, Uralsk
  148. Meyrambek Nurkhan, Astana
  149. Tastaev Nyrsyltan, Zhetisay
  150. Narekenov Aslan, builder, Almaty
  151. Madrol Adel, Almaty
  152. Zholmakhanova Faya, veteran journalist, Almaty
  153. Zhumabaev Eric, Uralsk
  154. Erkinbek Tleukhan, chief specialist, Almaty
  155. Tazhgalieva Asemgul, Uralsk
  156. Rakhanov Azamat, Aktobe
  157. Kozybaeva Kaldykan, retiree, Astana
  158. Alenova Nazgul, Uralsk
  159. Suyungarina Gulzhan, Karaganda
  160. Istanbul Gani, FreeKazakhs
  161. Esmukhanbetov Madiyar, Almaty
  162. Zhumagaliev Arman 
  163. Zakarina Laura, seamstress, Petropavlovsk
  164. Azhibaeva Saule, retiree, Astana
  165. Takupova Kalamkas, Atyrau
  166. Turmanova Karlygash, Almaty
  167. Karmanova Mahabbat, Almaty
  168. Abuov Ertas, Almaty
  169. Suleimenov Kuanysh, Aktobe
  170. Zhylkyshybay Eldos 
  171. Koptleuova Aktamak, IFJ blogger and journalist, Aktobe
  172. Battalova Zauresh, Nur-Sultan
  173. Kabdualieva Kaysha, Almaty
  174. Kabieva Menzada, Uralsk
  175. Katuov Zhanbolat, Uralsk
  176. Khozhina Lyazzat, Astana
  177. Mukhamedkalievna Inkar, Astana
  178. Ayazbekov Auzhan, Astana
  179. Arkhangelsky George, retiree, Almaty
  180. Seydakhmetova Lyazzat, Astana
  181. Sembay Asgar, Astana
  182. Izbasova Rome, Aktobe
  183. Shakhaydarova Hadish, Astana
  184. Kakimova Indira, Ust-Kamenogorsk
  185. Pavel Aigul, human rights activist, Uralsk
  186. Myrzalieva Ainur, Astana
  187. Berdenov Kenzhekhan, Kyzylorda
  188. Karzhaubaeva Sharbat, Almaty
  189. Ginayatova Anna, Kaskelen
  190. Yeseneeva Aigul, Astana
  191. Rustem Kambar, Almaty
  192. Fayzullaev Erlan, Shymkent
  193. Oshanbekov Nurzhan, engineer, Almaty
  194. Umarbekov Sarsengali, Ust-Kamenogorsk
  195. Ilyashev Alnur, civic activist, Almaty
  196. Zhabagin Yerkhan, Astana
  197. Omarova Raushan, Almaty
  198. Fayzullina Gulkhan
  199. Tleukhan Gulzhanar, Almaty
  200.  Kamiev Zhanat, Shakhtinsk
  201. Poshymov Talgat, Astana
  202.  Shaltykov Zemfira, Almaty
  203. Akberdieva Aigul, civil activist, Aktau
  204. Zhakulov Saulet, Karaganda
  205. Kutzhan Aydos, Almaty
  206. Usenova Gulnar, retiree, Almaty
  207. Amangeldy Murat, Astana
  208. Sultanova Klara, Astana
  209. Aytzhanov Serik, Almaty
  210. Ismailova Raushan, Almaty
  211. Nurgazin Bolat, civic activist, Aktau
  212. Gabitova Umil, engineer-geologist, Almaty
  213. Kurmangalieva Meruert, art critic, Astana
  214. Shaigumarov Askar, Uralsk
  215. Sagimbekov Eric, Almaty
  216. Serikbaev Gadylbek, Astana
  217. Telbaev Mukhtar, unemployed, Mangystau
  218. Dzhaukerova Gulzipa, civic activist, Almaty
  219. Zhumabekova Mamyr, Astana
  220. Serikpekova Nazym, architect-designer, Astana
  221.  Abitov Omirzak, Turkestan region
  222. Sapenova Zakia, teacher, Almaty
  223. Makatova Karlygash, Almaty
  224. Koshybaeva Orynbasar, Astana
  225. Ahmedyarov Zhannat, Uralsk
  226. Kobezhanova Karlygash, retiree, Astana
  227. Arkaev Nigmat, Almaty
  228. Uskembaeva Margarita, Institute of Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities of Kazakhstan
  229.  Esentur Aknur, retiree, Kokshetau
  230.  Dosekeva Zhadra, Aktau
  231.  Idyryshev Serik, East Kazakhstan Region
  232. Shagyrov Erlan, Atyrau
  233. Kizatova Tokzhan, human rights activist, Atyrau
  234. Almukhanov Bey-Gasyr, unemployed, Uralsk
  235. Baitemirov Edige, Aksai
  236. Akhmetova Niall, accountant, Almaty
  237. Kusainova Gulsara, Almaty
  238. Dzhakishev Bolat, civic activist, Talgar district
  239.  Zhananov Zhumagali, Pavlodar
  240. Belgibaev Amangeldі, Almaty
  241.  Ashirbaeva Meruert, Taraz
  242.  Nurkhanov Serik, teacher, Pavlodar
  243. Zhaslanova Gulzira, cashier, Astana
  244.  Ishmukhametov Farit, civic activist, Semey
  245.  Amirova Zhanna, Almaty
  246.  Zhunusov Zhanibek, Astana
  247.  Makhambet Abzhan, journalist, Astana
  248.  Daulybaeva Lyazzat, Almaty
  249.  Seytzhanova Aigul, teacher, Astana
  250.  Bayzharasov Kainar, Almaty
  251.   Ilyasov Serik, economist, Karaganda
  252.  Sembay Asgar, auditor, Astana
  253.  Mashrapova Indira, individual entrepreneur, Karaganda
  254.  Amirzhanova Saule, Almaty
  255. Shloma Julia
  256. Temirkhanova Rosa, teacher, Almaty
  257. Taneke Tolkyn, self-employed, Almaty
  258.  Akhmetchenova May, teacher, Taldykorgan
  259.  Dzhumaliev Kosay, Zhanaozen
  260.  Barykbaeva Saltanat, recruiter, Astana
  261.  Tilekmatov Emil, Almaty
  262. Tashimova Saltanat, artist, Almaty
  263.  Isagaliev Rinat, human rights activist, Atyrau
  264. Uvalieva Amina, Almaty
  265.  Kulyana Alina, journalist, Almaty
  266.  Rysbek Sarsenbay, Almaty
  267. Aspandiyarova Marzhan, Almaty
  268.  Baysholakov Altai, self-employed
  269. Sadykov Serik, Aktau
  270. Shyntemіr Gulzhiyan, Uralsk
  271. Kapar Aigerim, Independent Curator, Astana
  272. Sadykov Askar, Taraz
  273. Sharibaeva Gulnara, Almaty
  274. Tulesova Asia, civic activist, Almaty
  275. Eleusinov Amin, Aktau
  276. Ermekova Gulzhan, Astana
  277. Turguzhanova Ufilmalik, Almaty
  278.  Bazarbay Altyn, civic activist, Uralsk
  279.  Musaev Ilyas, Atyrau
  280.  Shalabaev Salim 
  281. Tazhibaeva Saltanat, Astana
  282.  Yesirgepova Gulnar 
  283. Turzhanova Gulsara, retiree, Astana
  284.  Turkistan Mereke, Atyrau
  285.  Raimbaev Canat, Almaty
  286.  Nurkishev Zhanat, retiree, Astana
  287.  Mingbaev Tangirbergen, Aktobe
  288.  Ospanov Medet, Karaganda
  289. Bodanova Botagoz, housewife, Almaty
  290. Merkiyasov Baurzhan, Almaty
  291.  Zhuntaev Kanatbek, Shymkent
  292. Sarsekeev Murat, Petropavlovsk
  293.  Bisengaziev Zhenis, unemployed, Aktau
  294.  Rustambaeva Zhanil, retiree, Satpayev
  295.  Kim Irina, Almaty
  296.  Tlebaldina Sabira, Astana
  297.  Doskayyruly Zhaksylyk 
  298.  Ospanov Bulat, Almaty
  299. Pakhotnov Andrey, Almaty
  300.  Sisemalieva Sapura, Atyrau
  301. Kalieva Danae, Almaty
  302.  Tamabaeva Galia, Astana
  303.  Kadyrzhanov Dastan, Almaty
  304.  Karakuzova Dina, lawyer, Almaty
  305.  Turumbaev Zhanybek, Kostanay
  306.   Otarbaeva Bakhytnur, teacher, Almaty
  307.  Tsishevskaya Dinara, Almaty
  308.  Tuxikova Aklima, Aktobe
  309.  Borasheva Ainur, unemployed, Almaty
  310.  Dulatova Gulzinat, Kyzylorda
  311.  Tolebaev Boken, Almaty
  312.  Khismetova Sagira, Aktobe
  313.   Akkoshkarov Sagatbek, self-employed, Satpayev
  314.   Aktleuov Askar, Aktobe
  315.   Serikzhanov Erbol, leading engineer, Almaty
  316.   Ametov Darkhan
  317.   Mukashev Darkhan, Astana
  318.  Zhubangaliev Gadilbek, Uralsk
  319.  Temirgaziev Aitzhan, Aktobe
  320.  Kabieva Menzada, Uralsk
  321.  Embergenova Kenzhe, Kyzylorda
  322.  Nakhanova Nazira, Shymkent
  323. Tylevich Dina, mediator, Almaty
  324.   Oserbaev Darkhan, Almaty
  325.  Imanjanov Arman, Almaty
  326. Koesov Max, Atyrau
  327.  Beysal Saken, Almaty
  328.  Zhusipova Sulukhan, Almaty
  329.  Satubaldin Dzhangeldy 
  330.  Altybasarova Sharban, Astana
  331.  Temirkhanov Askar, Burabay
  332.  Mukhametova Diana, Almaty
  333.   Bakytbekovna Asel, Almaty
  334.   Tazhibaeva Sulushash, engineer, Kokshetau
  335. Sadvakasova Ayia, individual entrepreneur, Stepnogorsk
  336.  Nurgazieva Asel, human rights activist, Atyrau
  337.   Umutbaev Manat, Semey
  338. Asylbek Sungat
  339.  Kuanyshalin Zhasaral, public figure, Almaty
  340.  Abdreimova Nuriyash, Aktau
  341. Balgarin Erkin, lawyer, Astana
  342.  Zhumageldin Isa, Semey
  343. Oryngali Asgar, Astana
  344.  Arynova Saule, lawyer, Pavlodar
  345. Osipova Gulya, retiree, Astana
  346. Sadvakasova Saule, Astana
  347.  Dzhandosova Azhar, Almaty
  348.  Kasimova Akmaral, Almaty
  349. Togizbaeva Gulzira, Almaty
  350.  Pasechnik Rufiya, retiree, Karaganda
  351. Ergaziev Albek, Uralsk
  352.  Musina Sholpan, Almaty
  353.  Irgebaeva Gulbarshyn, Astana
  354.  Shalabaev Salim 
  355.  Aukenova Tamara, retired infectious disease specialist, Almaty
  356.  Tuseyev Elzhan, Almaty
  357.  Utemisova Gulnar, Zhezkazgan
  358.  Zhamangarina Shara, Satpayev
  359.  Imanova Aizhan, Karaganda
  360. Rustambaeva Zhanyl, retiree, Satpayev
  361.  Kassymkhan Ardak, Shymkent
  362. Akisheva Gulnar, Semey
  363. Garifulin Damel, Kokshetau
  364.  Amirkenov Sultan, mediator, Taraz
  365.  Isatayev Yklas, Zhanaоzen
  366.  Kosanova Zhazira, Astana
  367. Omarov Askarali, director
  368.  Razhanov Berik, Almaty
  369. Aukenova Tamara, Almaty
  370. Mukazhanova Rysty, Almaty
  371.  Kereshova Gulfara, Almaty
  372.  Satkenov Nurali, Kostanay
  373.  Uszhanov Ansat, Aktau
  374.  Akulbekov Galymbek, individual entrepreneur, Karaganda
  375. Karmanova Mahabbat, Almaty
  376.  Abdizhalilova Ulbosyn, Astana
  377.  Bayzharasov Kainar, Almaty
  378.  Balymbetov Bakhytbek, individual entrepreneur, Almaty
  379. Kosanova Zhazira, Astana
  380.  Mashanova Alla, retired
  381.  Nogaev Berik, Almaty
  382.  Zholamanova Bibіgul, retiree, Almaty
  383.  Nurbauova Gulsim, retiree, Atyrau
  384.  Halikov Bakytnur, Almaty
  385.  Kudaibergenov Ruslan, Astana
  386.  Berdimbetova Akzharkyn, Shymkent
  387.  Kasymov Aitbay, Astana
  388.  Asabaev Asylzhan, Shymkent
  389. Bekbasov Zhumakan, Almaty
  390.  Dzhandsova Zhanar, Astana
  391.  Temirshin Elegen, Uralsk
  392.  Kokina Marzhan , entrepreneur, Pavlodar
  393.  Tulegenova Karla, retiree, Almaty    and ect.

April 6, 2020


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