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August 1, Shymkent, police detained parents and relatives of people who were killed during the events of January 2022. In the morning, a group of people held a protest on the square in front of the Akimat, demanding that the authorities find the shooters and those who gave the order to shoot and name them[1].

August 1, “Amnesty International finds the sentencing of the defendants in the Almaty airport seizure case unjust and demands that the Kazakhstani authorities release them immediately. The authorities must conduct an effective, impartial and independent investigation into all allegations of torture and ill-treatment and hold perpetrators to account in a fair trial”,  says Maisy Weicherdin,  Researcher at Amnesty International[2].

August 1, “At least two of the defendants have claimed that they were tortured or subjected to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment during the investigation stage. Shortly after being detained in January 2022, Kalas Nurpeisov attempted to commit suicide in the pre-trial detention centre claiming that he had been tortured to extract a confession. Some of the witnesses have claimed that they were pressurized to give evidence against the defendants”, says Maisy Weicherdin, Researcher at Amnesty International[3].

August 1, Karaganda, Zhumabekov N., the owner of the Abai factory and a member of the Public Council of the region, was attempted to be interrogated by NSC officers in office 508 of the regional akimat. He was lured by trickery (through an official of the Karaganda regional labor department) under the pretext of discussing the supply of civil defense and emergency clothing. They were interested in the grants that N. Zhumabekov received under the program “Diversification of the economy of monocities”, financed by the U.S. Agency[4].

August 2, Astana, the Yessil district court dismissed the claim of relatives of 4 people who died during the events of January 2022 to claim a total of 120 million tenge from the state as compensation for moral damages[5].

August 2, Semey, Azanbaev A., criminal police officer, was found guilty under Article 146, Part 3 (Torture) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the death of Kaliev E. during the events of January 2022, and was sentenced to 6 years’ imprisonment in a medium-security prison. The civil claim in the amount of 9 million tenge was satisfied[6].

August 2, Shymkent Administrative Court sentenced to imprisonment the relatives of the victims of the January 2022 events: Abdiraimov M. under Article 488 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Kazakhstan was sentenced to 10 days and Kalykulova Aiken to 5 days of detention. Parents and relatives of the killed people protested in front of the Akimat of the city with the demand to find and punish the people responsible for the death of their relatives[7].

August 3, Astana, the Judicial Chamber for Civil Cases reduced the amount of compensation for moral damages from 5 million tenge to 2 million tenge for Renat Zhubakov, a resident of Ust-Kamenogorsk, who was detained and tortured for two months after the events of January 2022. The defendant Ministry of Finance stated in its complaint that “moral damage should be compensated by the law enforcement bodies that caused the damage”. However, the judge rejected the claim and did not release the MoF from liability[8].

August 3, Uralsk, prisoners of the regimented institution №28 complained about mass beatings. In their words, they were physically injured by the colony’s staff and military officers. The prisoners have recorded video messages, which they could send to their relatives[9].

August 3, the Coalition of NGOs of Kazakhstan against Torture appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office: “The Coalition of NGOs of Kazakhstan is concerned about the state of health of persons who were subjected to torture and requests to immediately conduct the necessary investigative actions to determine the true picture of what happened in the regimented institution № 28 in Uralsk”[10].

August 23 Review of the “Adil Soz” Foundation of the situation in Kazakhstan with the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from July 27 to August 03, 2023[11].

August 3, Astana, “The Yessil court made a decision on the claims of the relatives of 4 people killed in Almaty. All the relatives were denied payment of moral damages. Earlier, the prosecutor’s office refused to apologize to them because they were not subjected to criminal proceedings for their participation, since they were only civilians and were killed by the military,” Toregozhina B. reports[12].

August 3, Aktobe, Azhniyazov E., who was imprisoned for over a year after the events of January 2022 and later acquitted, won a case to recover compensation for moral damages from the state. Azhniyazov E. demanded 30 million tenge for “unlawful detention”, the court decided to recover 5 million tenge from the state and to reimburse him 1 million tenge for the services of his lawyer from the state budget[13].

August 4, Astana, the district inspector served a summons to the activist Musabayev M. with a call to the police department on August 6, 2023 to participate as a witness in the interrogation in the politically motivated criminal case against the leader of the unregistered party “Alga, Kazakhstan!” M. Zhylanbaev (in custody)[14].

On August 4, Semey Abay Regional Court rejected the appeal of Alpiyev Ch. and Aliyev R., who were convicted of “propaganda of terrorism” and detained after the January 2022 events[15].

August 4, Astana, a district inspector served a summons to Bekzadina E., a member of the initiative group for the establishment of the party “Alga, Kazakhstan!” with a call to the police department to participate as a witness in the interrogation in the politically motivated criminal case against M. Zhylanbaev (in custody)[16].

August 4, Almaty, “We are human rights defenders; for more than 1.5 years we have repeatedly made official requests for information about who was killed in Qantar2022. We have received answers that investigations are underway. At the moment, according to the information we have, all the criminal cases concerning the victims have been closed and the investigative actions have been completed” – Toregozhina B. informs in her request to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Kazakhstan[17].

August 4, Almaty, Imangalieva B., Article 488, Part 11 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK, 20 days imprisonment for violating the order of organizing and holding peaceful assemblies. On May 5, 2023, the activist came to the Justice Department of Almaty to confirm her signature as a member of the initiative group for the establishment of the party “Alga, Kazakhstan!”, which served as a pretext for her arrest[18].

August 4, city of Aktobe and Aktobe region, 22 activists of the region reported that they were called to the police for questioning as witnesses in the criminal case against Zhylanbaev M., a marathon runner, leader of the party “Alga, Kazakhstan!”[19]

August 4, Taraz City, Criminal Court No. 2, Kanatov Nurlan; the trial of the civil activist accused of false denunciation under Article 419 of the Criminal Code of the RK against the Deputy Akim of the region Kanatbek Madibek began. Kanatov N. has been in custody for six months. He was arrested on February 7, 2022[20].

August 4, European Union statement: “One year later, the investigation into the events of January 2022 shows no signs of being completed. During the events of January 2022, a total of 324 cases of torture were registered”, the document reads. The EU urged Kazakhstan to take further steps to conduct prompt, thorough, impartial and independent investigations into all allegations of torture following the events of January 2022 and to hold all those responsible to account[21].

August 4, European Union statement: “The EU and its Member States, and in certain cases like-minded countries, have made a number of demarches on human rights issues to the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs”. “These demarches were announced in the context of the Human Rights Council and the Third Committee (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural) of the UN General Assembly”[22].

August 5, Almaty, Abishev A., Article 488, Part 6 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK; Administrative Court arrested him for 15 days for “his participation in an unauthorized rally” in front of the Ministry of Justice in Almaty on May 5, 2023[23].

August 5, Uralsk, according to Victoria Timoshenko, head of the NPM group (National Preventive Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture) in the WKO, the NPM group went for a special visit to the regimented institution No. 28 to investigate reports of mistreatment of convicts, but the head of the facility did not allow activists to enter the facility. A report was written against the head of the facility, Alpysbaev, “For not allowing activists to enter the facility”[24].

On August 5, in the city of Uralsk, the head of the regimented institution №28 and Department of Penitentiary System of WKO tried to hide the consequences of mass beatings by obstructing the lawful activities of the NPM WKO.  The Ministry of Interior of RK quickly declared that the convicts had resisted and criminal cases were registered against them under Article 428 of the Criminal Code of RK[25].

August 7, Astana, Amirov E., political prisoner, Article 174, Article 405 of the Criminal Code of the RK, 7 years’ imprisonment.  The Supreme Court of Kazakhstan has postponed indefinitely the consideration of the case of an activist who has been behind bars since 2021 for his political activism[26].

August 7, Almaty, “The office of the Ombudsman of Kazakhstan changes more often than officials at other levels. And every time it is the same: you have no power of attorney….. The Ombudsman should have lawyers who understand the work of human rights defenders, right? What do you think, Mr. Lastaev?” – says Toregozhina B. about the activities of the ombudsman’s office[27].

August 7, Almaty: “What makes me indignant in this case is that for murder by torture they give 6 years of imprisonment. And in the cases of 238 deaths, most of the perpetrators were not found at all, and the cases were either dropped or classified. The appeal reduced the sentence by 6 months and left 10.5 years in prison for Mukhambayev Aslan and 10 years in prison for Akhmedjanov Rufat. Something is clearly wrong with our Criminal Code…,” says Toregozhina B.[28].

August 7, Almaty, Atinbayev Bauyrzhan, Article 488, Part 11 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the RK, 20 days of detention. Atinbaev B. was released after administrative detention for participating in a rally in front of the court building of the Nauryzbay district, in the case of alleged seizure of Almaty airport[29].

On August 8, in Aktau, in the apartment of human rights defender Turdiyeva Ulbolsyn, one Nurlan beat up Turdiyev Serzhan, Ulbolsyn’s brother. The authorities are putting pressure on Turdieva U. to stop her human rights activities[30].

August 8, Mangistau Oblast, Turdiyev Serzhan was unlawfully detained by police officers of the Munaily district as he was leaving the trauma center. He was taken to the police station and forced under pressure to write a statement saying that he had no claims against anyone for the fact that he had been beaten[31].

August 8, Aktobe, activist Segizbaev Akhan was delivered a summons to come on August 8 at 11:00 am to the city police department №1 to the investigator for participation in questioning as a witness in the criminal case of M. Zhylanbaev, the leader of the party “Alga, Kazakhstan!”[32].

August 8, Astana, activist Oshakbaeva Semigul received a summons with a call to the police depatment on August 10 at 10:00 am to participate in questioning as a witness in the politically motivated criminal case of M. Zhylanbaev, leader of the party “Alga, Kazakhstan![33].

August 8, Taraz, the Regional Court acquitted Kuatbaev N., one of the 5 victims of the January events in Taraz. The judges stated that his guilt was not fully proved during the investigation. The original verdict, according to which the 4 victims Donbaev I., Rysbekov R., Baizhanov E. and Oshakbay T. were found “guilty”, was not changed[34].

August 9, Almaty, Izmailov S., a member of the organizing committee for the establishment of the party “Alga, Kazakhstan!”, told a press conference about the history of their efforts to register a party under the current law “On Political Parties”. In some cases, the Ministry of Justice accepted the registration documents for examination and later returned them to the applicants with a reference to alleged errors in the lists of founding members; in other cases, officials even refused to accept the documents for examination[35].

August 9, Almaty, Atazhurt, an organization defending the rights of ethnic Kazakhs in China, has submitted documents for party registration to the Ministry of Justice for a second time, and activists say pressure from the authorities is mounting. “The list submitted last time could have gone to the police and the NSC”, says leader Maksutkhanuly B. “People are receiving phone calls and intimidation,” he says.

August 9, Almaty, the Atazhurt initiative group reported other pressures, including fake fundraising: unidentified people were collecting money online in Atazhurt’s name. Supporters of the group from the regions say that they faced difficulties on their way to Astana. Kasymkhanova I. from Ust-Kamenogorsk reported that an unknown person had ripped off the license plate of Atazhurt branch head Kerimbek E.’s car before he left, and the taxi driver Kerimbek E. had hired had been taken away by the police[36].

August 9, Almaty, the press center of the Kazakhstan Bureau for Human Rights: activists of the currently created party “Alga Kazakhstan!” criticized the Kazakh authorities’ decision to expand trade with the Taliban-controlled government of Afghanistan considering the authorities’ actions as support for a terrorist organization[37].

August 9, Uralsk, Utebaev B. held a solitary picket. He unfolded a placard, which he hung over his chest, which read: “Hunger strike. I demand social justice”. Two men approached the activist and informed him that he was “violating the legislation” on conducting peaceful actions and that his hunger strike “should be authorized”[38].

August 9, Almaty, “I would like to remind the authorities of Kazakhstan and President Tokayev K. personally that he promised to properly investigate the deaths of 238 people. I, as a human rights defender, note the fact that after 1 year and 9 months the authorities of Kazakhstan have brought to responsibility by a criminal sentence only for the deaths of 12 people” – reports Toregozhina B.[39].

August 10, Review of the “Adil Soz” Foundation of the situation in Kazakhstan with the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from August 03 to August 10, 2023[40].

On August 11, Taldykorgan, police detained journalist Duisenova S. She is suspected of committing a criminal offense under the article “Infringement of privacy and violation of legislation on personal data and their protection”. The journalist was released on her own recognizance[41].

August 11, Taldykorgan, police officers forced journalist Duisenova S. to undress completely after her detention and recorded it on video[42].

August 12, Taldykorgan, blogger Mukhamedkarim D., Article 258, 405 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The arrest of a journalist suspected of participation and financing the activities of an extremist organization after the court decision to ban them was extended for 1 month[43].

August 14, Akmola oblast, Bestobe village: Two years of confrontation between residents, miners and the company “Altynalmas” led to the closure of the mine.  Public hearings were held, which suggested that the company should continue to operate. The residents expressed their disagreement with the company’s project and, after voting against the project, left the area[44].

August 14, Almaty, appeal of the Adil Soz Foundation to President Tokayev K. about journalist Duisenova S.: 1. Prosecutor General’s Office – to examine the legitimacy of initiating criminal proceedings. 2. Supreme Court – to verify the legality of the investigating judge’s approval of the decision to conduct a personal search of the journalist. 3. Ministry of Internal Affairs – to initiate an internal investigation against the officials involved in the initiation of the criminal case and the personal search of the journalist[45].

August 15, Astana, Mr. M. Kozhayev, the first deputy minister of the Ministry of Interior, says that “it is too early to say that the detention of S. Duisenova was illegal. For the time being, the preliminary investigation considers the journalist’s actions as part of Article 147, Part 5 of the Criminal Code of the RK. At the end of the investigation it will be understood what the whole set of investigative actions will lead to”[46].

August 15, Astana, the Prosecutor General’s Office announced the termination of the criminal case against Duisenova S. The statement on the termination of the case is published on the website of the agency. A criminal case was opened against her on charges of inviolability of private life and violation of legislation on personal data and their protection[47].

August 15, Almaty, Imangalieva B. and Abishev A., Article 488, paragraphs 6,11 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK: the city court upheld the decision of the court on administrative detention for participation in “an unauthorized rally” in front of the Almaty Department of Justice on May 5, 2023[48].

15 August, Kostanay region, Tobol station, persecution of activist Bershinbaev D. for providing financial support for the organization of the memorial service for Kuanyshalin Zh. and for contributing to the election fund of Zhylanbaev M. for his participation in the parliamentary elections. The actions of the employees constitute illegal information gathering and violate the right to secrecy of personal deposits and savings in accordance with Article 18.2 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan[49].

The camera crew of the TV channel “Almaty”, who introduced themselves as being from Orda.KZ, provoked and were attacked while covering the trial of the case of 4-year-old Meldekhan A. The journalists were attacked by the activist Belyalov Baybakh[50].

August 16, Mangistau region, Zhanaozen city, about 26 employees of the oil service company “Moldir Munai Service” demand to equalize the salaries of employees. They have been demanding this for more than 6 weeks. 18 of them have been on hunger strike for 2.5 days. Another person had to stop the hunger strike because of his deteriorating health[51].

August 16, 2023, members of the committee for the establishment of the party “Alga, Kazakhstan!” in the 18th time submitted a list for registration in the Ministry of Justice. The authorities refused for the 18th time with reference to Article 8 of the Law “On Political Parties” (the list of the initiative group does not meet the requirements of the law) and they do not specify what exactly does not meet the requirements of the law[52].

August 16, Almaty, investigation against journalists spouses Severnykh is completed; the suspects did not admit guilt. The criminal case under Article 194, Part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Extortion on a special large scale” prescribes punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of 7 to 15 years with confiscation. The measure of restraint for Severny V. is detention in custody, and for his wife – house arrest[53]

August 16, Astana, T. Danebaev, political prisoner, Article 174 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 3 years’ imprisonment. The sentence of the first instance was upheld on appeal. Danebaev is known for his attempt to prosecute President Tokayev K. for saying that “20,000 terrorists” had attacked during the events of January 2022[54].

August 17, Almaty, a group of Kazakhstani citizens at a press conference have spoken out against   the government’s plans to build a nuclear power plant in the village of Ulken, which is located on the shore of the Balkhash Lake. Opponents of the plant say that it would mean an “inevitable” accident in Kazakhstan because of the country’s widespread corruption[55].

August 17, Taraz city, Zhumanov E., Article 290, Article 287, Article 380 and Article 381 of the Criminal Code of the RK. The court of appeal left the sentence unchanged: 16 years of strict regime colony. Considering the partial confession of guilt of three persons sentenced to real imprisonment (Makhatov, Abdullaev and Sagintai), the court reduced the sentence to 4 years of imprisonment each[56].

August 17, Shymkent, the police came to Sarsenova Zh. home for interrogation in the politically motivated criminal case under Articles 405 and 258 of the Criminal Code of the RK against Zhylanbaev M. She was questioned as a witness. The interrogation was conducted on behalf of the investigator from the city of Astana[57].

August 17, Review of the “Adil Soz” Foundation of the situation in Kazakhstan with the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from August 10 to August 17, 2023[58].

August 17, Astana, Uralsk resident Zhiyengaliev Zh. went on a solitary picket in front of the Presidential Administration of Kazakhstan. He is protesting against charging fees for the form 075 (medical-clinical conclusion on the state of health), which the employer can demand at the time of hiring. By order of the Minister of Health in 2020, this form was reclassified as a paid service[59].

August 18, Karaganda region, KazTAG journalist Saparkyzy D. was attacked when he tried to record what was happening at the Kazakhstanskaya mine of ArcelorMittal Temirtau.  “I was attacked by a big man, he took my phone and managed to delete some files”, – Saparkyzy D. reports[60].

August 21, Astana, the Supreme Court dismissed the complaint of political prisoner Amirov E., who was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment under Articles 174, 405 of the Criminal Code of the RK. The court stated that there was no reason to reconsider the decision[61].

August 21, the authoritarian regime in Kazakhstan continues to strengthen. Political persecution in Kazakhstan has escalated and the number of “political prisoners” has increased since the beginning of the presidency of Tokayev K. in 2019. This was reported by a coalition of human rights defenders from the monitoring group #ActivistsNotExtremists in their new report “Repression and Political Prisoners in Tokayev’s ‘New Kazakhstan’”[62].

August 21: “At the time of publication of this report (August 18), there were 47 ‘political prisoners’ in Kazakhstan. 30 people have been sentenced to real prison terms, and another 17 are still being held in pre-trial detention centers”, write the authors of the report, “Repression and Political Prisoners in Tokayev’s ‘New Kazakhstan’” [63].

Astana, Abiyev Marat, Article 404, Part 1, Article 274, Part 4 of the Criminal Code of RK. A verdict was passed against the founder of the Foundation “Architects of the Future”. He is accused of creating and leading a public association, the activity of which is connected with inciting citizens to commit unlawful acts. M. Abiуev was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment with 5 years disqualification from public activity[64]

August 22 New York, USA, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) urged Kazakh authorities to investigate the attack on journalist Saparkyzyzy Diana at the Kazakhstanskaya Mine in Shakhtinsk and called on Kazakh authorities to ensure that journalists can cover all important public events freely and without fear[65].

August 23, Kyrgyz musician Ruzakhunov V., who was tortured during the events of January 2022, demanded an official apology from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan. He accused the Ministry of lying[66].

August 23, Semey city, Kanakynov A. and Agzamov E., Article 146, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the RK on the case of death from torture of Zhotabayev Zh. in custody. Court No. 2, found them guilty and sentenced each of them to 4 years of conditional deprivation of liberty with deprivation of the right to hold posts in the civil service for a period of 3 years, and partially satisfied the claim in the amount of 4 million tenge[67].

On August 22, in Aktau, a man in a car ran over the drone of a videographer of Radio Azattyk. Journalists came from Astana to Aktau to report on the situation with the accident at the Mangistau Nuclear Power Plant (“MNPP”) and its aftermath on behalf of the editorial office[68]

August 23, for the year 2023, experts of the International Foundation for the Protection of Freedom of Expression “Adi lSoz” recorded in Kazakhstan 334 cases of violation of the rights of journalists and media[69].

August 24, Akmola region, city of Atabasar, facility EC-166/4: Videos of severe torture of political prisoner Danebaev T., in which the colony staff holds the prisoner on the floor and beats him with a truncheon, were distributed on the Internet. The blows with the truncheon are accompanied by Danebaev T.’s cries of pain[70].

August 24, Human rights organizations called on the Kazakhstani authorities to remove from the legislation the provision on the ability to block and slow down the Internet. Kazakhstani human rights defenders point out that Internet shutdowns damage the country’s economy, undermine public confidence in state decisions, and demonstrate the weakness of information policy[71].

August 24, Almaty, police detained activists of the unregistered Democratic Party Zholaev M. and Duysebaeva A. The detention was in connection with preventing the activists from meeting with Akim Dosayev E. during his meeting with residents of the Nauryzbay district. The activists were released 3 hours later[72].

August 24, Review of the “Adil Soz” Foundation of the situation in Kazakhstan with the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from August 17 to August 24, 2023[73].

August 24, Astana, the Ministry of Information and Public Development said it was informed “about the situation with the correspondent” Saparkyzy D., and that it does not support attempts to obstruct the activities of the journalist, that there are no restrictions on freedom of speech in Kazakhstan, and promised to keep the focus on such incidents[74].

August 25, Temirtau , the city court has begun hearing a criminal case on a special complaint filed by Alexei Lomakin, a deputy of the city of Maslikhat, against Olga Pekarskaya, a local activist. The deputy requests to prosecute the woman for her words, which he found insulting[75].

August 25, Aktau, police officers came to the home of activist Alikhanov N. and served a summons to the police on August 25, 2023 at 17:30 to participate in questioning as a witness in the politically motivated criminal case of M. Zhylanbaev[76].

August 24, Aktau, activist Yeskuatov D. received a summons with a call to the police on August 25, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. to participate in the interrogation as a witness in the criminal case against M. Zhylanbaev[77].

August 24, Kostanai , Garan A., a human rights defender from the KIBHR branch, came to the Specialized Criminal Court of the region as an observer and was subjected to two mini-interrogations at the entrance to the courtroom. The defendant’s parents complained to the Branch that he was being pressured by his former investigator[78].

On August 25, a petition was launched in support of Utepov A., a political prisoner and activist from Uralsk, head of the public association “People against Corruption”, who was sentenced by the authorities to 7 years’ imprisonment under Article 190, Part 3, Article 367, Part 3 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan[79].

August 28, Astana, several hours before the beginning of the forum “Power-Dialogue-Society”, which was supposed to take place in the hotel “Radisson”, it was reported about the termination of the lease contract. The deputies of Maslikhat, who were going to take part in the forum, received threats from unidentified persons. The organizers of the forum believe that it was disrupted by some representatives of the authorities who do not want a dialogue between the authorities and the society[80].

On August 28-29, Almaty hosted the International Conference “Turning Points in Eurasia: Geopolitics, Economy and Civil Society in Central Asia – Current Situation and Future Prospects”, which was attended by more than 200 political scientists, experts, representatives of international organizations, civil society leaders and guests from all over the world[81].

August 29, Aktobe, the court began hearing the case of Omarov A., who was prosecuted after the January events and acquitted by the court. Omarov is demanding 40 million tenge from the state as compensation for the damage he suffered[82].

August 29, Karaganda, dozens of workers of the public utility “Karaganda Su” went on strike in the morning and expressed their demands. Among the main ones: to increase wages by 100%, to pay overtime in full, to pay treatment allowance, to provide quality work clothes and spare parts[83].

August 29, Shymkent, police invited activist Muratbaeva G. to come on August 31 to draw up an administrative protocol for jogging around the stadium on the day of the birthday of M. Zhylanbaev, the leader of the party “Alga, Kazakhstan!”[84].

August 29, Zhanaozen, a juvenile police officer Abrahmanov E. came to the activist Dosekeeva Zh. after 10 p.m. and explained that a neighbor had complained about the activist’s son, who allegedly broke the slate on the roof of her temporary house. The authorities put pressure on Dosekeeva Zh. through her children, threatening to deprive her of her parental rights in order to stop her civic activities[85].

August 29, Almaty, lawyer Murat Adam and Bokayev Sanzhar asked President Tokayev K. for help in submitting an appeal to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan for consideration of the merits of previous appeals[86].

August 29, Astana, “Statistics show an increase in dissatisfaction of citizens with the decisions of courts, oversight and rule of law institutions. People are not able to get justice in the authorized bodies and are forced to appeal to the presidential administration. The stream of complaints is growing”, said President Tokayev at a meeting with representatives of the human rights protection system. An analysis of complaints shows that people complain most about the courts, the police and the prosecutor’s office, he noted[87].

August 31, Aktobe, the court partially satisfied the claim of Omarov A., who was acquitted by the court and ordered to recover in favor of the plaintiff 3 million tenge as compensation for moral harm and another 500 thousand tenge to reimburse the costs of the lawyer for participation in the January 2022 events[88].

August 31, Review of the “Adil Soz” Foundation of the situation in Kazakhstan with the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from August 24 to August 31, 2023[89].



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