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October 2, Pavlodar, activists Kuzaiyr Dias, Abdugaliev A. and Yusupov A. were prosecuted under Article 174 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan for demanding that officials in Ridder speak the state language. The activists traveled to Ridder to raise the issue of the condition of the only Kazakh language school “Shanyrak” in the town[1].

October 2, Almaty, the lawyers of the serviceman Arman Zhuman, Article 451 of the Criminal Code of the RK, who is charged with the murder of 4-year-old Aykorkem Meldekhan during the January events, filed a motion to initiate criminal proceedings against the girl’s father Aidos Meldekhan. Meldekhan A. put his daughter in danger, according to the defendant’s lawyers[2].

October 2, Astana, Kazakhstan President Tokayev K. signed a bill “On introducing amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues of public oversight, improving administrative procedures. According to this bill, the petition, which collected more than 50 thousand votes in Kazakhstan, will be considered at the national level in the government[3].

October 3, Temirtau, today an initiative group of residents came to the tram depot and declared their disagreement with the termination of its work. The activists demand to reopen the route of streetcars in the city, which stopped running almost 10 months ago [4].

October 3, Astana, political prisoner Danebaev T., Article 174 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan 3 years’ imprisonment; Danebaev was transferred from the remand center in Kokshetau, where he was temporarily held after being tortured in the colony in Atbasar, to PDF No. 64 in Astana[5].

On October 3, in Almaty, the hearing of the appeal in the case of the “seizure of the airport” was held online. The defendant Tleuzhan A., a political prisoner, was not present at the hearing. It was reported that an ambulance had been called for her because of conjunctivitis in Prison No. 72. The lawyers also noted that they themselves did not know the state of Tleuzhan A.’s health. Consequently, at the request of the lawyers, the court decided to postpone the hearing until October 6[6].

October 4: “Kazakhstan’s government restricts access to the Internet, blocks websites and demands the removal of content, and journalists are attacked, including physically”, according to a report published by the international organization Freedom House. The authors of the report placed Kazakhstan 34th out of 100 in the world ranking of the level of freedom on the Internet[7].

October 4, Astana, deputy of the Majilis of Parliament Yermurat Bapi at the session read the text of the deputy’s inquiry, in which he strongly condemned “alien currents disguised as Islam”, stating that they more and more threaten the social and domestic fabric of Kazakh society. He addressed his parliamentary inquiry to the government and security services [8].

October 4, Almaty, Meldekhan A., father of 4-year-old Aykorkem Meldekhan, who was killed in January 2022, appeals to international human rights organizations and the United Nations to support his family as Kazakh authorities pressure and harass Meldekhan A. and his family for demanding a fair investigation and punishment of all perpetrators[9].

October 4, Almaty, Karakalpak activist Mirmanbetova Ziuar was released in the evening from Almaty Detention Center, where she had been held since her arrest in Almaty a year ago. The persecution of Karakalpak activists is linked to the mass protests in Karakalpakstan in early July 2022[10].

October 04, Almaty, KIBHR held a press conference on “New ‘Maskshows’” in Astana in the new “Center for Reception of Citizens at the Office of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. On September 11, 2023 there was a power detention of Kenzin I. in the new “Center for Reception of Citizens at the Office of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. An online trial without the presence of a lawyer was organized in the police station. Kenzin was charged with an offense under Article 667 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Kazakhstan and sentenced to a fine of 72,450 tenge[11].

October 5, Astana, the Constitutional Court of Kazakhstan refused to consider the appeal of the lawyer of Mamai Zh., Article 272 of the Criminal Code of the RK, 6 years of restriction of liberty, who was convicted on charges of “organizing mass riots” during the January events. In its refusal, the Constitutional Court refers to the fact that “in the judicial acts there is no reference to the direct application by the courts of the challenged norms of the Criminal Procedure Code”[12].

5 October, Almaty, Facility No. 72, Narskaya N., a Russian woman held in pre-trial detention in Kazakhstan, faces extradition to Russia and may be extradited by 25 October. According to a representative of the Kazakhstan Human Rights Bureau, Narskaya N. has not applied for refugee status, so “there is no obstacle for the Prosecutor General’s Office to extradite her”[13].

October 5, Pavlodar city, blogger Kuzairov Dias posted an appeal to the public and officials of the city of Ridder on his Youtube channel. He asked his subscribers not to be worried and not to focus on nationality, and apologized for inciting ethnic discord[14].

October 5, Almaty, overview of the situation in Kazakhstan with regard to the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from September 28 to October 5, 2023[15].

On October 6, at the Warsaw Human Dimension Conference, living abroad Mendygaziev B., founder of the human rights foundation Freedom Kazakhstan, called on the European Union and the United States not to believe the Kazakh authorities’ “empty promises” about reforms. He urged personal sanctions against President Tokayev K. for imprisoning people for dissent and ordering shoot-to-kill without warning during protests in January 2022[16].

October 7, Astana, members of the emerging party “Alga, Kazakhstan!” and activists came for a run in support of political prisoner Zhylanbaev M. While they were warming up, an employee of Akimat, who introduced himself as Damir, came and said that the people warming up were “violating” public order. He threatened that if the joggers did not disperse, administrative measures would be taken against them[17].

October 9, Saryagash city, Turkestan region, journalist Batyrbekov A., editor of the newspaper “Saryagash-Inform”, was again sent under arrest for 20 days under Article 73-3 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK on the charge of “defamation”. The court granted the petition of Sapargaliev A., the head of the department of the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Records of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Shymkent city[18]

October 9, Almaty, Yakut musician and activist Ammosov Aikhal was abducted in Kazakhstan. According to the Sakha independence movement “Resistance”, people in plain clothes put him in a car and took him to the police department[19].

October 9, Human Rights Watch (HRW) criticized the authorities of Kazakhstan, in particular for insufficient efforts to prevent domestic violence against women. In its statement, HRW referred to recent remarks by Zharkynbek A., a member of the Majilis, the lower house of parliament. Last month, he suggested that victims of violence should be punished.  HRW points to a lack of knowledge about the problem among MPs and authorities[20].

October 9, Warsaw, Poland, human rights defender Toregozhina B., speaking at the OSCE Human Dimension Conference, questioned whether Kazakhstan had an independent judicial system and whether citizens had the right to a fair trial. She addressed this question to the Human Rights Commissioner of Kazakhstan, Mr. Lastaev A., and to the Kazakhstan delegation. The human rights defender provided a number of examples of human rights violations to support her question[21].

October 9, Uralsk, Akimat did not give permission to Baitemirov E. and Utebaev B. to hold a peaceful protest on October 25. Subject: Increase of salaries, pensions, allowances, cancellation of loans, free health care and education, abolition of recycling fees, and freedom for political prisoners. Reason for denial: Incomplete information provided[22].

October 10, the non-governmental organization Transparency International has expressed its extreme concern regarding the publication in Kazakhstan of a list of recipients of foreign funding, which the Kazakh Finance Ministry presented last month. “This action could have a negative effect on the currently shrinking space for civil society and independent media in Kazakhstan”, TI says in a statement[23].

October 10, Astana, the police detained the activist Musabaev M. He went out on a lonely picket with the call to come as an observer to the trial of the political prisoner Zhylanbaev M. on October 12. He was taken to the police department [24].

October 10, Semey, the regional court left unchanged the decision of the city court on refusal to consider the civil claim of Mukhazhanov D., who became a group 1 disabled person during the January 2022 events. This decision was appealed, but the court of second instance rejected the appeal [25].

October 11, Almaty. Special reception center for administratively arrested persons, 10 Lobachevsky St.: Ammosov Aikhal, 40 days of arrest, anti-war activist. Human rights activists from KIBHR and the Berlin-based anti-war initiative InTransit, seek the release from possible extradition to Russia of an anti-war activist from Yakutia. He was detained for discrediting the army at Russia’s request. A public defender has been appointed for him[26].

October 11, Astana, in its decision on the application of Tleuzhanova A., who was earlier convicted in the case of seizure of Almaty airport, the Civil Court referred to the Prosecutor General’s statement that it was her namesake, not herself, who was involved in the seizure of the airport[27].

October 11, Astana, the court sentenced Musabaeva M. to 15 days of arrest under Article 488, Part 7 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK for a solitary picket near the building of the criminal court and a poster with a call in support of Zhylanbaev M[28].

October 11, Karaganda region, Aktas village, activist Saduakasov Zhandos, who has recorded an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights earlier this month, as well as to the President of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the public prosecutor’s office, claiming pressure on him from the police, reported that he had received forma; replies from the state bodies and a new summons to the police[29].

October 11, Uralsk, the criminal court decided to send Orazbayev A. to the colony for violation of the probation regime. In February 2023, the court sentenced him under Article 405, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the RK to 1.5 years of restriction of liberty. Probation authorities applied for substitution of punishment. Judge G. Himadutdinova made a ruling to replace the unserved part of the punishment in the form of restriction of liberty with imprisonment for a term of 3 months 15 days[30].

On October 11, in Shakhtinsk, Karaganda region, a group of disabled miners injured in the ArcelorMittal Temirtau mines reported that they had received a rejection of their third application to hold a peaceful assembly this fall, “due to improvement works at the proposed site”[31].

October 11, Almaty, facility No. 72, the defense lawyer of the Russian activist Narskaya N., Article 280, Part 2, Article 282, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the RK, requests from the authorities of the RK to conduct an expert examination in order to transfer Narskaya to a mental health institution. The Prosecutor General’s Office of the RK does not issue a ruling on the alleged extradition of the girl until October 25 to the Russian Federation[32].

October 12, Almaty, the Administrative Court started to consider the application under Article 456-2, Part 1 (“Posting, dissemination of false information”) of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Kazakhstan against  the representative office of the Kazakh Service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. The respondent in the case is Kasym Amanzhol, the head of the representative office. The applicant is Alisher Turabayev, a resident of the city of Shymkent [33].

October 12, Almaty, overview of the situation in Kazakhstan with regard to the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from October 5 to October 12, 2023[34].

On October 12, in Almaty, the press center of KIBHR held a press conference on the topic: Illegal allocation of state-funded housing and prosecution of a journalist from Taldykorgan who wrote about massive violations in the allocation of state housing to officials.  Makazhanov S., editor-in-chief of Pravo.kz, Dina Balkhashkyzy and lawyer Nisanbekov R. participated in the press conference[35].

October 12, Almaty, activists of the civil initiative “For Justice” at a press conference in KIBHR before a series of solitary pickets in Almaty once again demanded from the President of the country to reform the deformed judicial system and return to the German system of administration of justice and to transfer to the elective judiciary[36].

October 13, Almaty, foreign citizens (Uzbekistan) who have applied for refugee status in Kazakhstan complain about the impossible demands of the authorities. Officials demand from applicants documentary evidence that they have been subjected to persecution and harassment in their country. Official authorities, on the other hand, refer to the law[37].

October 12, Zhanaturmys village, Almaty oblast, school teachers elected Ms. Sagidulla Aiman, a teacher and activist, as the chairperson of their trade union, but the district management did not approve her for the position. Sagidulla A. attributes this to her civic activism and efforts to defend the rights of her colleagues. The regional trade union considers the demands of the district subdivision against Sagidulla A. to be illegal[38].

October 16, Astana, the Supreme Court of Kazakhstan upheld the sentence of Zhumanov E. under Articles 99, 287 of the Criminal Code of the RK, 16 years’ imprisonment on a charge of murder of NSC Lieutenant Colonel Dastan Adilbay during the January events and illegal possession of weapons[39].

October 16, Almaty, after a long silence, there were several single pickets organized by the movement “For Justice” on the theme of reforming the judicial and law enforcement systems. Pickets will be held throughout the month[40].

October 17, Astana, “Regarding the calls for October 25. There are calls from members of the DCK. DCK is an extremist organization whose activity is illegal on the territory of the country. And, of course, we will not allow them to hold rallies”. Deputy Interior Minister I. Lepekha commented on the calls for rallies on October 25[41].

October 17, Akimats of Almaty and Astana did not give permission to the opposition party “Alga, Kazakhstan!” to hold a rally, which was scheduled for October 25. The theme of the rally: freedom for political prisoners, to register the party “Alga, Kazakhstan!”, to raise wages, pensions and benefits twice. The authorities justified the refusal by the fact that on that date were scheduled previously agreed events[42].

October 18, Almaty, facility No. 72: Tleuzhanova A., Article 272 of the Criminal Code of the RK, 4 years’ imprisonment, is held in pre-trial detention after the court verdict. Her health condition deteriorated after she was diagnosed with conjunctivitis by doctors in early October. On the initiative of the institution, which is part of the City Polyclinic No. 24, she was taken to an ophthalmological clinic in the center of Almaty for medical examination[43].

October 18: Akylbek Muratbai, a Karakalpak activist living in Almaty, claims that his relatives in Uzbekistan are under police pressure. He links this to his speech at the OSCE Human Dimension Conference in Warsaw [44].

October 18, Almaty, former NSC chairman Shabdarbayev A. believes that Nigmatulin N., ex-speaker of the Majilis, is one of the conspirators in the January events, “Yelmedia” reported[45].

October 18, Astana, Marat Temirbekov was detained at his workplace by 4 police officers and taken to the Almaty District Police Department ahead of a peaceful rally to be held on October 25[46].

October 18, Semey, activist Dosanov E. was detained by the police. He was given a summons to appear before the police. An unidentified person stated by telephone that on October 4, during the screening of the film “Mirzhakyp. Oyan, Kazak!” Dosanov E. allegedly called for participation in the peaceful protest on October 25. The video shows that he did not call for a protest, but talked about the story of M. Zhylanbaev and the ongoing repression in Kazakhstan[47].

October 18, Almaty, Valiev D., Article 488 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK, was arrested for 15 days for allegedly “participating in a rally” in front of the Almaty City Court on September 19[48].

October 19, Almaty, overview of the situation in Kazakhstan with regard to the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from October 12 to October 19, 2023[49].

October 19. Taraz, 1.9 months after the events of January, the widow of the shot Begeshov A. was acquainted with the materials of the criminal case against her late husband. A. Temirbaeva thinks that there are many discrepancies in the case. She appealed to the Prosecutor’s Office and demanded the complete acquittal of her husband. The prosecutor’s office said that it was “considering the complaint”[50].

October 18, Almaty, Shegebekuly Nurtay, Dzhakupbekov Asan were sentenced to 15 days of arrest under Article 488, Part 6 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Kazakhstan for allegedly participating in a rally in front of the city courthouse on September 19[51].

October 18. Astana city, administrative court sentenced Nugmanov M., Syzdykov A., Temirbekov M., Tusbekov S. to 15 days of arrest under Article 488 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK for participation in a run held on October 7 in support of the arrested Zhylanbaev M.[52].

On October 19, Almaty, Police detained Musin Marat near the courthouse, where he had come as a supporter of activist Tabildiyeva N. The police officials said that the detention was “preventive work” and that it was “not a detention” but a “conversation” on the eve of the rally[53].

October 19, up-to-date data as of 2:00 p.m. on October 19, 2023 on administrative arrests and fines on the eve of the October 25 peaceful rally[54].

October 19, Taraz city, Kanatov N., Article 419 of the Criminal Code of the R: the court changed the measure of restraint from detention to house arrest [55].

October 20, Semey city, Dosanov E., Article 667 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK, 7 days of arrest for ” disobeying the lawful demand of a police officer. On October 18, Dosanov’s car was stopped by traffic police officers, who demanded that he get out of the car.  Dosanov E. refused to do so without a properly drawn up summons[56].

October 20, Uralsk, Eskendirova M.: the court authorized her arrest for 10 days under Article 488, Part 7 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK for a post on social networks, in which the police found “calls for rallies”[57].

October 20, Almaty, Musin Marat and Beszhan Toleubekuly, Article 488 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK, 15 days of arrest to each of them. The court found them guilty of “violating the procedure for holding peaceful assemblies” on September 19 outside Almaty City Court[58].

October 20, Almaty, Astana, at least 7 activists were arrested for “violating the law on rallies”. The cases of several others will soon be heard in court. Human rights defenders have linked the arrests to opposition protests planned for October 25. The authorities have warned that they will not allow the rallies to take place on that date[59].

October 20, Akimats of 14 cities did not give permission to hold peaceful protests on October 25 on the following issues: Freedom for political prisoners, registration of the party “Alga, Kazakhstan!”, double increase of wages, pensions and benefits. Reasons for refusal: previously approved activities and provision of incomplete information. Total: 14 politically motivated denials[60].

October 20, Astana, Bokaev Sanzhar filed a lawsuit in the Civil Court, claiming to challenge the legality of Article 54 p.1 of the Constitutional Law “On Elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, which restricts the right to run for the post of head of state to persons without five years of experience in public service. However, the appeal court of the city court did not grant Bokaev S.’s appeal[61].

October 23, Aktobe city, Sarsengaliev A., Article 488, part 12 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 12 days of arrest. The court convicted him of committing an administrative offense on the eve of a peaceful rally on October 25[62].

October 23, Almaty, about 30 activists came to the building of the city prosecutor’s office. They urged the authorities to release the civic activists, who last week were placed under arrest for 15 days by courts in Almaty and the capital on charges of “violating the procedure for organizing and holding peaceful assemblies”[63].

October 23, Atyrau, Maitanov Azamat, a journalist, reported that the second criminal case under Article 274 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan was opened against him. The reason were his words in defense of Mamay Zhanbolat, published in the telegram channel “Maitanov-online”[64].

October 23, Astana, authors of youtub-channel  “Base” Aidos and Natalia Sadykovs are declared wanted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan on charges of incitement to hatred. This information is reported on the site of legal statistics and special records bodies[65].

October 23, Uralsk, on the day of the meeting of the Cooperation Council between the European Union and Kazakhstan in Brussels, the authorities searched the house of the activist O. Ohasov, showing complete disregard for their international human rights obligations. The police officers do not allow access to the lawyer and do not allow their actions to be videotaped[66].

October 23, Almaty, the list of administrative detentions before the rally announced for October 25. The list is current as of 15:00 on October 26[67].


October 23, Almaty, “Shutting down the Internet during #Qantar2022 allowed the authorities to “nightmare” the population and brainwash them. There are “20,000 terrorists” who (did not) attack Almaty, and severed heads, and fighters who allegedly seized the airport of the southern capital to allow their partners from some Central Asian city to enter the city”, – all this was said at the session of the first national forum on Internet governance “Qazaqstan IGF 2023”, which was devoted to the Internet shutdown during the January 2022 events[68].


October 23, Karaganda, Nurmaganov A., Article 405 of the Criminal Code of the RK, 1.5 years of restriction of liberty, was detained before the failed rally on October 25 and arrested for 5 days under Article 669 of the Code of Administrative Offenсes of the RK, for participation in the action of supporters of the group for the creation of the party “Alga, Kazakhstan!” on October 11 in Astana. He did not execute the sentence of the court. In addition to the restriction of liberty, the sentence included a ban on social and political activity for 3 years[69].

October 24, Astana, Musabayev Marat was re-arrested in Astana shortly after serving his 15-day administrative detention. The reason for his re-arrest was his participation in the jogging in support of M. Zhylanbaev at the monument to Kenesary Khan on October 7[70].


October 24, Karaganda, Investigative Court Judge Seksenov E. sanctioned for two months arrest under Article 174, Part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan against Mukin Meirbek, who is suspected of inciting ethnic hatred[71].


October 24, Semey city, Sembaev N., Article 488, Part 7 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK, was arrested for 5 days for reposting on October 11 information about the rally on October 25. His mobile phone was confiscated [72].


October 24, Kokshetau, Baltashev S., Mukhamedzhanov K. and Negmetov U., Article 488 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK, 15 days of detention. The court found them guilty of participating in an illegal gathering “in the building of the Department of Justice of Akmola region in Kokshetau”[73].


On October 24, in Astana, police officers came to Zhanbayeva Venera’s workplace to prevent her from taking part in the peaceful protest on October 25. They grabbed her and wrung her hands. Despite the fact that Venera was at work where other female employees were present, the police behaved rudely, frightening the women and making them cry. The police took her cell phone, preventing her from recording their actions, and then took her to an unknown location[74].


October 25, Almaty, police cars and vans were parked at the entrance to the Central Recreation Park. Police vehicles could also be seen inside the park, behind the arch. There was no cell phone Internet service in the area of the park on Wednesday afternoon. Police units were stationed every block along Gogol Street, which begins at the entrance to the park area[75].


October 25, at least ten people were detained in 3 cities of the country – Almaty, Astana and Uralsk – in places, where according to unofficial information, it was planned to hold rallies and protests,”Orda.kz” reports[76].


October 25, Uralsk, local resident Zharmukhamedov B. was detained by the police on the square. He wanted to congratulate the residents of the city on the holiday. The police grabbed him as he approached his bicycle. The officers pushed the man to the ground and, holding his arms and legs, dragged him towards the police car[77].


October 25, Almaty, Akylbek Muratbai, a representative of Kazakhstan’s Karakalpak diaspora, was invited to the Uzbek consulate in Almaty, where diplomats asked him to “tone down” his speeches so that the media would not “inflate and exaggerate” his words[78].


October 25, Kokshetau, Ismailova Gulbarshin came on notification to the police station № 7 at the address B.Momyshuly Street 192 “B”, to draw up an administrative report against her under Article 488 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK for violation of the law on peaceful assembly[79].

October 25, Monitoring of political persecution on the eve of the peaceful October 25 rally. Current data as of 11:00 am, October 27, 2023[80].


October 25, Almaty, results of the October 25 rallies of dissenters and the list of administrative detentions, provided by the human rights foundation “Ar.Rukh.Khaq”[81].


On October 26 in Almaty, a group of lawyers and citizens convicted for their participation in the January events held a press conference to talk about the civil suit filed against them. “According to the verdict of May 19, 2023, they were found guilty and sentenced to various punishments. The NSC Border Service for the Almaty region wants to recover 128 million from 24 people”, said lawyer Saparkhanova Zh.[82].


October 26, Almaty, overview of the situation in Kazakhstan with regard to the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from October 19 to October 26, 2023[83].


October 27, in Atyrau, about 30 women came to the Akimat and made social demands. The women said that they were tired of poverty and poor living conditions and demanded that the housing problem be solved. They said that it is necessary to increase allowances and sell food at low prices[84].

October 28, Pavlodar, Kaluova N., Article 669 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK, 3 days of detention for violation of the court’s ban on publications in social networks under Article 405, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the RK[85].

October 27, Karaganda region, Shakhtinsk city, the court considered the case of intentionally causing minor health damage to “KazTAG” reporter Saparkyzy D. An employee of the security service of the mine “Kazakhstanskaya” of the coal mining company “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” Tirkin B. is charged in the case. Judge E. Ushbaev dismissed the case against Tirkin B. due to the lack of corpus delicti of the administrative offense[86].

30 October, Astana, Onlanbekkyzy A. and Zhunusov Zh., Article 488, Part 6 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK, 15 days of detention for participation in the run in support of Zhylanbayev M. on 7 October 2023. Onlanbekkyzy A. and Zhunusov Zh. were detained after the preliminary hearing in the case of M. Zhylanbayev [87].

October 30, Astana, Zhylanbaev M., Articles 405, 258 of the Criminal Code of the RK: a preliminary hearing was held. Judge Karimov announced that there were requests from two secret witnesses under the pseudonyms “Rosa” and “Barista” to consider the case behind closed doors. They said that unknown persons had threatened and pressured them and their close relatives. The judge granted the request, so the trial will continue in closed session[88].

On October 31, the International Partnership for Human Rights urged French President Emmanuel Macron to raise human rights issues during his upcoming two-day visit to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. “IPHR said it had sent an open letter to the French president on October 31[89].

October 31, Astana, in the Criminal Court held a preliminary hearing on the case against the political prisoner, leader of the party “El Tiregi” Altayev N., Article 366, Part 4 of the Criminal Code of the RK. At the request of the prosecutor’s office, the main trial in this case will be held in closed session. N. Altayev himself believes that this case is politically motivated and they want to put him in prison[90].

October 31, Karaganda region, miners began to receive warnings from law enforcement officials about responsibility for participation in rallies and strikes. Miners told about summonses to the police: at least 2 people refused to go there without a summons. According to the miners, they did not plan to hold rallies and strikes. A group in a social network, whose participants discussed incidents in the mines of the region and other things, caused the interest of the police[91].


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