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September 1, Taldykorgan, Facility No. 71, journalist Muhammedkarim D., Articles 405, 258 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who is detained in the detention center, in the words of his relative and lawyer, has again gone on hunger strike in prison, claiming that he needs a medical examination. According to his lawyer, the journalist in pre-trial detention has started having problems with his stomach and kidneys and is in need of medical care[1].

September 1, the East Kazakhstan region, more than 200 workers of the Dosjan Temir Joly railway company went on strike. The strikers are demanding an increase in wages[2].

September 3, Akmola region, Atabasar city, EC-166/4 facility: The colony staff tortured T. Danebaev because he refused to clean the toilet. After his refusal, the prison officer ordered “Use special means!” and 6 prison officers attacked the activist, wrung his hands and put him on the floor. 5 prison officers held T. Danebaev, and the sixth one hit him in the lower part of his back[3].

September 4, Almaty: Reply to human rights defender Toregozhina B. from the Almaty regional police department regarding the case of Mukhamedkarim D., who is detained in facility No. 71 in Taldykorgan. According to the reply, there is a medical staff and a lawyer in the facility to provide legal assistance and protection[4].

September 4, West Kazakhstan region, Burlinsky district, Akimat did not give permission to hold a peaceful protest on 15.09.23 to Darkhanov T. The subject of the peaceful meeting is related to the increase in prices, including for public utilities. Reason for denial: Incomplete information was submitted[5].

September 4, Astana, the Committee of the Criminal Executive System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan reported that an official investigation into the fact of cruel treatment in the city of Atbasar has been launched. “There are signs of abuse of authority by employees”, — says a statement on the website of the Committee of Criminal Executive System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan[6].

September 5, Almaty, film screenings at the Zhana Shekara Film Festival were disrupted. The festival was to show films about human rights violations, identity, language, culture and history of East Turkestan. The festival was held in an online format, according to R. Mukhtarov, one of the organizers[7].

September 5, Akmola region, Atbasar city, facility EC 166/4, human rights defender Semyonova E. has visited the colony where videos with footage of cruel torture of Danebayev T. were shot.  “We personally met and talked with Danebayev. His health is more or less good, but he is psychologically depressed”, says Semyonova E.[8]

September 5, Kaskelen, on the day when President Tokayev K. was expected to visit Suleyman Demirel University, people who introduced themselves as security guards did not let the reporters of Azattyk Radio into the building of the university. The journalist Meyirim Bakhytzhan was forced to go down from the bridge near the university[9].

September 6, Astana, lawyer Doskaraev M. stated that the authorities were persecuting and pressuring him for political reasons. He associates this with the defense of the political prisoners Zhylanbaev M. and Sembay A. In June, the police investigator Absadyk A. made a submission to the College of Lawyers with a request to hold the lawyer responsible for his refusal to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding the case materials[10].

September 6, Akmola oblast, facility EC 166/4: 11 officers of the colony are proposed for dismissal by the internal affairs bodies for negative reasons after the publication of a video with the beating and torture of Danebaev T. As a result of an official investigation, the head of the regional department of the criminal-executive system and his deputy, as well as the head of the colony, are proposed for dismissal from their posts[11].

September 7, Almaty, two activists Koketayeva M. and Buzik A. from the environmental movement “Anti-AES” were illegally detained after they came to a public speech by the Akim to ask him a question about the Akimat’s ban on holding a rally against the construction of the nuclear power plant in the southern capital.  Others were simply prevented from speaking[12].

September 7, Taraz, Court No. 2 sentenced three former police officers to four years’ imprisonment under Article 362, Part 4, Article 370, Part 4, Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code of the RK for inaction during the January riots. In total, five representatives of law enforcement bodies were involved as defendants in this case[13].

September 7, Almaty, overview of the situation in Kazakhstan with regard to the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from August 31 to September 7, 2023[14].

September 8, Astana, the family of political prisoner Danebaev T., who was subjected to cruel torture in the facility EC-166/4, appealed to President Tokayev K. with a statement expressing their concern that the perpetrators of torture will escape responsibility for what they have done[15].

September 8, Almaty, the appeal court upheld the sentence of Musin Adlet, who had been sentenced to 9 months’ imprisonment under Article 272 of the Criminal Code of the RK for “participating in and calling for mass disorder”. However, Musin was released as his sentence had expired[16].

September 8, Taldykorgan, Muhammedkarim D., Articles 258, 405 of the Criminal Code of the RK: The state of health of Muhammedkarim D., who is held in the pre-trial detention center and went on hunger strike a week ago, is deteriorating. “He is unable to get up, he cannot come to the meeting”, — told the journalist Muhammedkarim’s father A. Tilepov[17].

September 8, Astana, the Committee of the Criminal Executive System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan replied about the state of health of the arrested Muhammedkarim D. “He is kept in the detention center. His health condition is satisfactory. He refused to undergo a medical examination, he has no claims to the administration of the facility”, — stated in the reply of the representative of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan[18].

September 8: “The inclusion of prisoners of conscience in the legal framework and political dialogue is demanded by the international human rights organization Freedom Now: “Kazakhstan does not use “prisoner of conscience” to guide legislation and policy, further contributing to the neglect of the rehabilitation rights of prisoners of conscience. Kazakhstan should adopt the practice of employing the term in relation to the provision of rehabilitation to people detained for the exercise of their civil and political rights”[19].

September 9, Taldykorgan, Muhammedkarim D., Articles 405, 258 of the Criminal Code of the RK: he was taken from the pre-trial detention center to the hospital on that day. According to his lawyer Nurpeisov G., Muhammedkarim D. had a hand injury. It is not known under what circumstances Muhammedkarim D. was injured[20].

September 9, Astana, The Law “On Online Platforms and Online Advertising”, signed by President Tokayev K. and entered into force on September 9, 2023, is an important regulatory mechanism in the sphere of online communication and advertising in Kazakhstan. Journalists and bloggers not only find it full of flaws, but also see it as another attempt by officials to “shut the mouths” of those whose opinions do not coincide with the “correct” one.[21].

September 9, Karaganda region, 3 weeks after the attack on “KazTAG” correspondent Saparkyzy D. during the editorial work, the police of the city of Shakhtinsk recognized her as a victim.     The case is being investigated under Article 158, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the RK “Interfering with the lawful professional activities of a journalist with the use of violence”[22].

September 10, Shakhtinsk, Karaganda region, correspondent Saparkyzy D. was summoned for questioning, where she was interrogated for several hours. Amirgalieva Sh., the journalist’s lawyer, informs that the investigation tried to present what happened as an administrative rather than a criminal offense. The case was initiated on the basis of the fact of what happened, and not against specific persons[23]

11 September, Almaty, Mamay Zh., Article 272 of the Criminal Code of the RK, 6 years’ restriction of liberty, sentenced on charges of “organizing mass riots” during #Qantar2022, appealed to the Constitutional Court on grounds of violation of the right to defence[24].

September 11, Astana, Kenzin I. was detained by police officers in the public reception room of the Government of Kazakhstan. He was sentenced under Article 667 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK to a fine of 67 thousand tenge for disobeying the lawful demands of a police officer and aggressive behavior in a public place[25]

September 12, Astana, Marat Danebaev, brother of political prisoner T. Danebaev, reported sexual harassment against him during the search of their house. One of the officers touched his body without permission and tried to put M. Danebaev’s hand in the area of his own groin. Before that, the officer threatened to beat Danebaev M. if he tried to defend his rights[26].

September 12, akimats in 10 cities of Kazakhstan did not give permission to activists to hold peaceful protests on September 19-20, 2023 during the Central Asia-U.S. summit (18 refusals). The theme: “In support of Ukraine. Freedom for political prisoners. Freedom for Zhylanbaev”. Reasons for denial: previously approved events, failure to provide complete regulations for peaceful assembly, provision of incomplete information, threat to public safety[27].

September 12, Almaty, the lawyers of the persons convicted for the seizure of Almaty airport held a press conference and made some statements. “We, the lawyers, believe that the sentence against our defendants is illegal. Because they had nothing to do with the destruction and arson. We say this on the basis of video materials that were examined during the trial”[28].

September 12, Uralsk, graduates of children’s homes living in the youth home “Shanyrak” held a protest action. They refused to leave their dormitory while it was being repaired. The former orphans believe that they will be cheated again and end up on the street[29].

September 12, the Karaganda region, local authorities did not allow a peaceful assembly of disabled miners who had been injured at ArcelorMittalTemirtau (AMT) facilities over the years. At this meeting, the disabled miners wanted to raise unresolved issues related to payments, clarify existing court decisions on the recalculation of compensation payments, and draft a collective petition of disabled miners[30].

September 13, Almaty, by the decision of the Expert Council of Human Rights Defenders Tleuzhanova A., Article 272 of the Criminal Code of the RK (4 years’ imprisonment) was recognized as a political prisoner. Activist, journalist, professional translator, she has been repeatedly subjected to administrative sanctions in the form of fines and arrests for her active civic position[31].

September 13, Astana, members of the organizing committee for the creation of the party “Alga, Kazakhstan!” submitted the list of the initiative group to the Ministry of Justice for the 19th time in order to begin registration. The authorities refused on the grounds that the list of the initiative group did not meet the requirements of the law, referring to Article 8 of the Law on Political Parties. The authorities did not provide a concrete explanation of what exactly does not comply with the law[32].

September 13, 2022, exactly one year after their arrest, the Karakalpak activists Toremuratov K. and Zhaksymbetov Zh. were released from the detention center in Almaty due to the expiration of the court-ordered detention period[33].

September 14, Almaty, overview of the situation in Kazakhstan with regard to the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from September 7 to September 14, 2023[34].

September 14, Almaty, a juvenile court considered the case of assaults on journalists Yergalieva G., Bazhkenova G., Yegeubaeva D., Ibraeva S., Boreiko V. and Egorov.  The trial was initially declared closed. The request of lawyer Tkachenko M. to open the trial was granted. Taking pictures, recording video and audio is allowed[35].

September 14, Almaty, several activists who attended a meeting with Akim Dosayev E. with residents of the Auezov district complained that they were not given the opportunity to ask questions. Activist Kuketayeva M. reported that she waited in line for the microphone for almost an hour and a half, and just before it was her turn, the Akim announced the end of the meeting[36].

September 15, Kyzylorda, the regional court upheld the verdict of Pirzhanov G., who was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment under Article 272 of the Criminal Code of RK “organization of mass riot” in #qantar2022. The court also upheld the sentence against Omarov F, who was killed on January 5, 2022 [37].

September 15, Astana, about a dozen people, relatives of the victims of #qantar2022 in Shymkent, submitted a statement to President Tokayev K. with a demand to reopen the case about the deaths. They sent a similar letter to the Prosecutor General’s Office the day before. According to them, all criminal cases have been closed[38].

September 13, Uralsk, the court of appeal ordered to reopen the judicial investigation in the case of A. Utepov, a lawyer and head of the association “People Against Corruption”, who was sentenced in May 2023 under Articles 190, 367 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan to 7 years’ imprisonment[39].

September 15, Astana, “The prosecutor’s office refused to disclose medical information about the state of health of T. Danebayev, a victim of torture. They are putting pressure on our family, demanding that we sign a non-disclosure agreement. But there are no state secrets in this case, everyone has seen the video», said Marat Danebayev[40].

September 15, Astana, “So far, none of the people involved in the beating of my brother has been arrested. The prosecutor’s office wants to silence him and his lawyer in order to ‘cover up’ the criminal case” — said Marat Danebaev[41].

September 15, Kazakhstan activists will organize a rally in New York, where the summit “Central Asia – USA” will be held. The demonstrators intend to raise the issue of circumvention of anti-Russian sanctions and demand recognition of the CSTO as a terrorist organization, as well as the release of all political prisoners in Kazakhstan[42].

September 16, Zhanaozen, more than fifty people gathered in front of the police station to protest against the arrest of the outspoken oil worker Kozganbaev A. They believe that the police planted a weapon that was previously used to commit a murder. This fact was registered in the Unified Register of Pretrial Investigations under Article 287, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan[43].

September 16, Almaty, Karakalpak activist Khudaibergenova Raisa was released from Facility No. 72. She was suspected of “violating the constitutional order of Uzbekistan”. She was released because the maximum allowable period of detention for persons being considered for extradition had expired[44]

September 14, East Kazakhstan region, Shemonaikha district, in high-security penal colony No. 18 (formerly known as facility OB-156/6), at least two inmates injured themselves. “During the proceedings, the convicts have clarified that they committed these acts because they disagreed with the regime of detention”, — said the press service of the Department of the Criminal Executive System[45]

September 17, Turkestan oblast, Tulkubas district: Voting for the Akim of Mashat rural district No. 843 took place. The journalist of “Radio Azattyk” showed her editorial task and service certificate, but the chairman of the district territorial election commission Karataev E. claimed that the journalist had no right to cover the election process[46].

September 18, Almaty, Facility No.72: The former head of the 5th department of the National Security Committee, Iskhakov R., accused in the #qantar2022 case, claimed in court that during the January events he received orders from Nazarbayev’s nephew Samat Abish[47].

September 18, Uralsk city, Yesendirova M., Article 405, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 1.5 years of restriction of freedom: the city court on criminal cases released her from the suspended sentence in the form of restriction of freedom for 7 months and 6 days, but kept the ban on public activities for 2 years[48].

September 19, Astana, for the first time, the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan published the register of persons receiving funds from abroad. It includes 240 people and organizations, among them — human rights defenders, journalists and representative offices of foreign companies[49].

September 19, Astana, the register of “foreign agents” includes the Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights, the fund “Yerkyndyk Kanaty”, Youth Information Service of Kazakhstan, and the edition of “Masa.Media”.  The Fund of Toregozhina B. Ar.Rukh.Hak PF, Adil Soz International Foundation for the Protection of Freedom of Speech, Green Salvation Ecological Society and the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan were also included in the register[50].

September 19, Almaty, lawyers for the defendants in the “Seizure of Almaty Airport” case, who had gathered in front of the court building, claimed that they were not allowed to enter the court building to hear the appeal of activists Tleuzhanova A., Nurpeisov K. and three others sentenced to prison[51].

September 19, Almaty, the Judicial Board for Criminal Cases of Almaty City Court issued a special ruling that proposes to disbar the lawyers of the defendants in the case of “seizure” of Almaty International Airport during #qantar2022. The decision claims that the lawyers organized a “demonstrative disruption” of the court session[52].

September 19, Almaty, Facility No. 72, Tleuzhanova A., Article 272 of the Criminal Code of the RK, 4 years imprisonment, who was convicted in the case of “seizure” of Almaty airport during #qantar2022, went on hunger strike. She is demanding a public hearing at the appeal court[53].

September 19, New York, USA, about a dozen of Kazakhstani activists gathered in front of the UN headquarters, where the summit of the US President and the heads of Central Asian countries took place. The participants of this action demanded the release of M. Zhylanbayev, D. Muhammedkarim and A. Tleuzhanova, who are imprisoned in Kazakhstan on politically motivated charges[54].

September 19, New York City, USA, the gathered people expressed their support for Ukraine and said that Kazakhstan should withdraw from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Moscow-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The protesters also suggested imposing sanctions against Tokayev K. and Zhaparov S.[55].

September 19, Uralsk, Utepov A., Articles 190, 367 of the Criminal Code of the RK, 7 years’ imprisonment: the appeal chamber of the court ruled on the appeal of Utepov A. and refused to acquit him, leaving the verdict of the first instance unchanged[56].

September 19, Almaty, Nauryzbay district, in the Specialized Criminal Court began the trial on the case of mass riots and seizure of the presidential residence during #qantar2022. There are 11 people in the dock[57].

September 19, Akmola region, a relative and a lawyer reported that political prisoner Danebaev T., a torture survivor, was transferred from Atbasar Temporary Detention Facility to Facility No. 20 in Kokshetau for the duration of psychological and psychiatric examination[58].

September 20, Astana, the website of the State Revenue Committee of Kazakhstan published “the register of persons receiving money and (or) other property from foreign states”, which some of the media called “the list of foreign agents”. It is noteworthy that the state itself was not mentioned in this context, although officials also readily receive grants, including from the United Nations[59].

September 20, Astana, a prime example is the $58.7 thousand grant that the United Nations Program (UNDP) in Kazakhstan has spent on a “digital information platform” for the National Preventive Mechanism, which is overseen by the state in the person of the Commissioner for Human Rights and his office[60].

September 20, Uralsk, Mukambetzhanova S. and Utebaev B. went on hunger strike in front of the city of Akimat, demanding that the authorities increase social benefits and pensions, lower the retirement age, and provide affordable housing for all orphans and people with disabilities. They brought posters saying that this action was in connection with the hunger strike. Utebaev B. had a poster with the words “I want to live”[61].

September 20,  Uralsk, after the start of the picket, two people approached the protesters Mukambetzhanova S. and Utebaev B., who introduced themselves as employees of Akimat and said that “the actions are illegal” and referred to administrative responsibility “for unauthorized actions”. Both protesters refused to leave the square and continued to express their demands[62].

September 21, Almaty, the trial of Dzhumageldiev A. (Wild Arman) and ex-head of the 5th department of the National Security Committee Iskakov in the case of kidnapping and torture during #qantar2022 R. will be held behind closed doors. Petitions of the victims’ lawyers to hold sessions in closed mode “because they fear for their safety” have been granted[63].

September 21, Almaty, overview of the situation in Kazakhstan with regard to the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from September 14 to September 21, 2023[64].

September 21, New York, The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), an international non-governmental organization, expressed its concern about the inclusion of some journalists, media outlets and press organizations in Kazakhstan on a list of recipients of foreign funding[65].

September 22, Astana, Facility SI-12: The health condition of political prisoner Zhylanbaev M. is alarming because he has problems with his teeth. His 4 crowns have fallen out. Marat has been taken to a dentist for treatment three times. He has to be examined constantly because the sterile and sanitary conditions in the detention center are not sufficient. Since May 25, 2023, for the first 1-1.5 months of his arrest, M. Zhylanbaev has been held in a cell where the air extraction system did not work and it was stuffy[66].

September 22, Mangistau region, Munailinsky district, U. Turdieva, Article 73 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK. The administrative court sentenced her to a fine of 434 thousand tenge for defamation based on the testimony of another local activist, whom in her Facebook post Turdiyeva U. called a “provocateur of the Akimat”[67].

September 22, Almaty, Dostiyarov A., Article 488 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 15 days’ imprisonment for violating the rules of holding a rally on September 19 in front of the building of the City Court[68]

September 22, Almaty, Turymbetov M. was detained and taken to the Turksib District Police Station. The online court sentenced him to a fine of 103500 tg. under Article 488 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK for violating the rules of holding a rally on September 19 in front of the building of the City Court[69]

September 22, Almaty, the police detained activist Gabdullina Maira. She was sentenced by an online court to a fine of 103500 tg under Article 488 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK for violating the rules of holding a rally on September 19 in front of the building of the City Court [70].

September 22, Almaty, “After the pandemic, we, human rights defenders, are pushing for court hearings to be held in the courtroom. In general, all courts in Kazakhstan are held offline! Except for Almaty, where they think they are the most privileged and do what they want. Is that how it works?”, — said human rights defender Toregozhina B.[71]

September 25, Astana, organizers of the press conference to defend lawyers convicted in the case of “seizure” of Almaty airport informed that the event in Abay hotel was canceled. The organizers said that two hours before the event the speakers were refused to conduct the event, referring to the repair work in the building. Because the conference was canceled, the organizers held a press conference in an online format[72].

September 25, Astana, the speakers of the online press conference said that the special order, which was sent by the Almaty City Court to the Almaty City Bar Association with a request to revoke the license of lawyers who represent the interests of those convicted in the case of “seizure” of Almaty airport, is unreasonable and illegal. The lawyers will appeal to the court[73].

September 25, Astana, before the exhibition “INNOPROM.QAZAQSTAN”, which began today on the territory of Expo in Astana, Azattyk correspondent Toyken S. was detained by the police without any explanation and taken to the Yessil District Police Department. Two hours after her detention, she was released without giving any explanation[74].

September 25, Almaty, Facility No. 72, Natalya Narskaya, a Russian female vocal teacher, was arrested for an interview in which she spoke out against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Prisoners say that Narskaya N. is being tortured, because after she is locked in the punishment cell, the detainees hear her screams. It is reported that the girl has a “serious psychiatric condition” and they want to extradite her to Russia[75].

September 25, Astana, Facility No. 12: Investigations against Zhylanbaev M., Article 405, Part 2, Article 258, Part 1 and A. Sembai A., Article 405, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the RK have been completed, the criminal cases have been transferred to the court, which is expected within 2 weeks, according to the lawyer Doskaraev M.[76]

September 26, Almaty, Bostandyk District Court No. 2 considered the application of Mamay Zh. for clarification of the sentence in terms of prohibition to engage in socio-political and journalistic activities and to write books until 2029. To the question: “Why is he banned from writing and publishing books?” Judge Kwan E. replied that she considered it to be “socio-political activity”[77].

September 26, Turkestan Region, Saryagash district: The Administrative Court, on the application of Sapargaliev A., head of the department of the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Accounts of the Procurator’s Office in the city of Shymkent, holds a trial against journalist Batyrbekov A. under Article 73-3 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK[78].

September 26, Almaty, Bersalimov A., Article 488 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK: the administrative court ordered his arrest for 15 days on charges of «violation of the order to hold a peaceful assembly» on September 19 in front of the building of the City Court. [79].

September 26, Almaty, there was an online review of the appeal of A. Tleuzhanova, A. Nurpeisov, N. Dalibayev, E. Shilibayev and Y. Karmenov in the case “Seizure of Almaty airport”. The defendants’ side expressed its mistrust in the composition of the court and declared its objection. This request was rejected by the judicial board[80].

26 September, Almaty, Facility No. 72, Tleuzhanova A., Article 272 of the Criminal Code of the RK, 4 years’ imprisonment. Before the beginning of the online hearing, Tleuzhanova A., who was connected from the detention center, expressed her distrust of the court and informed that she had not been given an opportunity to familiarize herself with the materials of the case. She also claimed that her request to hold the trial offline had been rejected[81].

September 26, Almaty, Facility No. 72, Dalibayev N., Article 272 of the Criminal Code of the RK, 8 years of imprisonment, by online connection from the detention center, stated that he went on hunger strike. He also asked for a jury trial on appeal, which was denied.[82].

September 27, PaperLab Kazakhstan Research Center presented the report “Perceptions of the January 2022 events in Kazakhstani society”. The report, the first independent study of its kind, presents survey data on citizens’ perceptions of the unrest in Kazakhstan that began early last year in the west of the country and quickly spread to other cities, as well as the authorities’ response to these events[83].

September 27, PaperLab Kazakhstan Research Center points out that dozens of cases of torture and violations of detainees’ rights were recorded during the January events: beatings with truncheons, hitting with stun guns, denial of access to lawyers and others. The authorities recognized the deaths of six people who were detained after the protests and died  as a result of torture in police custody and in detention centers[84].

September 27, Zhanaozen, a group of workers from Ozeninvest, Taza Su and Verity Group companies gathered in front of the Akimat building. The workers demanded an increase in the employment quota at Ozenmunaigas. They also asked the heads of the companies not to persecute the striking workers. The protesters submitted an appeal to the President of Kazakhstan, the Akim of the region and the city, and the head of the oil company[85].

September 27, Astana, Kazakhstan’s Constitutional Court has instructed the parliament to abolish the rule that prohibits lawyers from filing appeals on behalf of convicts. The decision was made following the appeal of a Kazakh prisoner, whose lawyer filed a complaint with the court against the penitentiary institution and received a rejection referring to Article 482 Part 1 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan[86].

September 27, Taldykorgan, Facility No. 71, Mukhamedkarim D, Articles 405, 258 of the Criminal Code of the RK. “He was placed in a separate cell and people accused of murder were placed with him. When Mukhamedkarim D. started a hunger strike demanding his transfer to Almaty, he was supported by his cellmates who agreed with the bad conditions of detention. After that, the murder suspects were moved out of the cell and employees of the pre-trial detention center were placed in his cell for 12-hour shifts, 24 hours a day,” human rights defender Toregozhina B. reported.[87]

September 27, Almaty, M. Karibaev, prosecutor of the General Prosecutor’s Office, called Adilbekuly S. and asked him to come for questioning on September 28. Immediately after Prosecutor Karibaev’s call, investigator Kemeshov B.N. sent a summons to Sayat via WhatsApp. Procedural status: Witness[88].

September 28, as the world community’s interest in Central Asia grows, the International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR) and its partners highlighted the deteriorating situation of civil space and civil liberties in the countries of the region and provided an overview of the major challenges currently facing the region[89].

September 28, Almaty, lawyer Murat Adam, who represents the interests of Bokayev S., addressed to President Tokayev K. about the fact that Bokayev S. has filed a lawsuit in the court of Astana, demanding to challenge the legality of Article 54 paragraph 1 of the Law “On Elections”. This article stipulates the requirement of 5 years of work experience in public service or elective office[90].

September 28, Astana, the Adil Soz Foundation held a roundtable discussion on “Reform of the legal regulation of the media space in Kazakhstan: transparency, efficiency and information security”. The Adil Soz Foundation believes that media legislation does not provide adequate protection for journalists, does not protect them from interference in their lawful professional activities, and does not ensure transparency of public funding[91].

28 September, Astana, Mr. Nico Schermers, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Kazakhstan, urged Kazakhstan to continue to create conditions for pluralism of opinion through the media, which seems to be a key factor in building democracy. He suggested that special provisions be included in the draft law to ensure the safety of journalists and the appropriate government response to such attacks and other possible violations[92].

September 28, Akmola region, Zerendinsky district, Zhusupova N., Article 456 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The court imposed a fine of 69 thousand tenge ($ 144) for the publication on Instagram on September 20, 2023, a picture of Tokayev K., accompanied by the comment: “This man is dangerous…. He sold the cultivated land of the Burabay district to Russia!!!”[93].

September 29, Astana, Minister of Justice A. Yeskaraev at the briefing could not answer the question of radio “Azattyk” on what crimes under the laws and Constitution of Kazakhstan the ex-president can be held criminally liable after the end of his term in office[94].

On September 29, Berlin, Germany, leaders from 5 Central Asian countries arrived in Berlin, to meet with the German Chancellor and President. Activists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan protested, alleging human rights violations and the suppression of freedoms[95].

September 29, Astana, Kazakhstan Minister of Justice A. Yeskaraev, responding to the question of Radio “Azattyk” about the reasons for refusal of registration of parties, said that the Ministry of Justice was not a political entity; it just looks at the observance of the law[96].

On September 29, in Aktas village, Karaganda region, Saduakasov Zhandos reported that he had been summoned to appear before the police again as a witness with the right to protection in the criminal case of “deliberately spreading false information”. If he does not appear, he is threatened with forced delivery to the police. This is the third summons in recent days[97].

September 29, Astana, the court recognized as unfounded the claim of the unregistered party “Atajurt” to the Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan. The action of officials who rejected two applications for registration of the political organization was challenged by the initiative group for the creation of the party[98].


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