The police officers came to the house of civil activist Kanaliev Abzal

27 August 2021
The police officers came to the house of a civil activist Abzal #KANALIYEV. One of the officers (judging by the video) tried to snatch Abzal’s phone to prevent him from conducting a live broadcast and recording violations of his rights. Both officers were not wearing masks. Will they be fined for violation of sanitary and epidemiological norms?
We are asking to provide details.
Yesterday, on 26 August, #KUMAR Ahmed Armanuly and #ZHOLANOV Zhanibek Zhumaniyazuly police officers came to Abzal KANALIYEV’S house to take him to the police on the grounds that someone allegedly wrote a complaint against Abzal for allegedly beating him. The police officers did not have any summons.
Abzal himself denies beating anyone. He has a disability and uses crutches to move around. Regarding the statement, Abzal said that he was being prosecuted on the basis of a false complaint. The police officers did not show the complaint itself. Abzal refused to go with the police officers and told them to bring a summons.
Will the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Republic of Kazakhstan respond?
Данияр Хасенов