Political repressions are being intensified

The chief prosecutor of the Almaty City Prosecutor’s Office, Yerlan KULANBAYEV, has submitted to the Criminal Appeal Board of the Almaty City Court, an appeal motion for a stricter punishment/deterioration of the situation of the illegally convicted political prisoner Ulasbek AKHMETOV.
Prosecutor KULANBAYEV in his appeal motion requests to set aside the sentence dated 31 August 2021 and impose a new (!) guilty verdict which shall contain repeated (!) conviction for U. AKHMETOV under Article 405 Part 1 and Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He also asks to increase the term of imprisonment up to 2 years and 2 months and ban him from social and political activities on social media for 5 years and to count the time he spent in custody from 24 October 2020 as his sentence at the rate of 1 day equals to 1.5 days and to serve the sentence in the facilities of the medium security. The appeal motion also states the suggestion of KULANBAYEV not to change the preventive measure in the form of detention. KULANBAYEV aslo ordered AKHMETOV a forced payment to Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund in the amount of 20 MCI, i.e. 55,560 tenge and to charge the procedural expenses for the conducted expert examinations in the amount of 841 tenge. The destiny of physical evidence shall be resolved in accordance with Article 118 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
🔺 Document was prepared by: KULANBAYEV Yerlan Temirbekovich, 7272201@prokuror.kz
🔺 Document was signed by: RAKISHEV Nursultan Khamitovich, 07.09.2021 / 10:42:56
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