December 1, Zhezkazgan, Nasyrkhanov Burkutbay, Article 405, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan (restriction of liberty for 1.5 years) brought a claim against a branch of Halyk Bank in order to prove that he was unreasonably included in the “list of persons associated with the financing of terrorism” and that the bank illegally withheld his wages and blocked accounts[1][2].

December 1, Taraz, Andrey Opushiyev, killed on January 6, 2022 in the course of the events #Qantar2022, was posthumously charged under Article 272, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He was posthumously found guilty of “participation in mass riots” without being imposed a punishment in connection with his death. At the time of his death he was 17 years old[3].

December 1, Almaty, Zhanbolat Mamay, Articles 274, 378, 400 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. His wife Inga Imanbay reported that after the trial “a district police officer came up to him with a written warning that he was not allowed to give comments and that under house arrest he was not allowed any communication”[4].

December 2, Mangistau region, Munaily district, Turdiyeva Ulbolsyn: “I report a violation of my rights, freedoms and legitimate interests by police officers, who charge me under Article 434 of the Administrative Offences Code of the RK for allegedly using foul language in a public place and for offensive molestation”[5].

December 2, East Kazakhstan region, Alpiyev Ch. and Aliev R., Article 256, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who are accused in connection with the January events, stitched up their mouths as a protest against the “lawlessness” of the investigation [6].

December 2, Astana, at the monument to victims of the Holodomor (man-made famine) Agybai Mukhanbet, Yesken Ramila, and Beisenova Gulzipa protested against China’s policy. They held posters depicting events in Xinjiang: cattle left under the snow, a high-rise building burning in Urumqi, one of the posters read «Stop Genocide![7].

December 4, Almaty, activists of the “Oyan Kazakhstan” movement Yermolcheva Vlada and Kochneva Maria came out for an action in support of Ekibastuz. They stood in their pajamas on the Almaty Arbat. In their hands they held placards saying that the accident in Ekibastuz, which left hundreds of homes without heating, was the result of corruption[8].

December 5, Shykent, Dosmambetova Lyazzat, previously convicted under Article 405, Article 269, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the RK for 3.8 years of imprisonment. The court dismissed the appeal for amnesty of the activist, because the amnesty “does not apply to persons who have committed extremist crimes”[9].

December 5, Almaty, police detained 4 activists who were demanding the release of their relatives in Xinjiang[10].

December 5, Zarechnyi village, Institution LA-155/14, political prisoner Narymbaev Yermek, Article 174 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Almaty Oblast Court recognized the right of an imprisoned activist to go on hunger strike[11].

December 5, Almaty, Zhanbolat Mamay, Articles 378, 274, 400 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, house arrest. The prosecutor petitioned the court to conduct a political examination of Mamay Zhanbolat ‘s speech. Judge Kwan Elena accepted the prosecutor’s request[12]

December 5, Atyrau, hearing of the criminal case of the attack on journalist O. Vertinskaya from “Dorozhnyi Control” began in Court No. 2. The attack was committed on July 19 near Vertinskaya’s home. An unfamiliar man hit the journalist hard in her face and then started kicking her[13]

December 5, Almaty, a list of those killed in Taraz during the January events #Qantar2022 , which was made by human rights defenders, was published[14].

6 December, Karaganda, Molchanov Yevgeniy received a refusal to hold a rally on December 17-18 near the monument to Abay.  The reason for the refusal was that “earlier an application was received from a legal entity to hold the event in the above-mentioned place”[15].

December 5, Aktobe, Yuldasheva Tleubike, a Karakalpak activist who is currently in pre-trial detention, was officially registered as an asylum seeker in Kazakhstan. The registration is valid for 90 days until March 5, 2023[16].

December 5, Zhanaozen, Kulamanova Bakytgul stated that she was persecuted by the National Security Committee and Colonel Korganbaev, the head of the anti-extremism division of the Aktau Department of Internal Affairs[17].

December 6, Almaty, Akikat Khaliolla was fined 107,205 tenge, Khalida Akytkhan was fined 64,323 tenge, Nurzat Yermekbai and Zhanbyrbai Shynadil were fined 9,1890 tenge each under Article 488 of the Administrative Offences Code of the RK for participating in a picket outside the Consulate of the PRC on December 5, 2022[18].

December 6, Pavlodar, human rights activist Semyonova Elena reported threats against her 25-year-old daughter.  Semeyonova E. and her daughter went to the police with a statement under Article 115 (“Threat”) and Article 131 (“Insult”) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan[19].

December 7, Astana, the akimat did not give permission to Zhahin Amangeldy for holding a peaceful protest on December 17. The reason for the refusal was that, allegedly, “previously agreed activities will be held on the day of the peaceful protest”[20].

December 7, West Kazakhstan region, Burlinsky district, the akimat did not authorize a peaceful protest on December 17. The reason for the refusal was that the data provided was incomplete[21].

December 7, Kyzylorda, facility ZK-169/5, Yelshibayev Yerzhan (Article 106 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 8 years’ imprisonment). The Court of Appeal upheld the ruling of the Court of First Instance that the activist’s prison term should be extended to 8 years[22].

December 7, Almaty, unknown persons notified the police about bombs allegedly planted in the apartment and car of the head of El Media Yergaliyeva G. A task force team rushed to the journalist’s home. The bomb was not found [23].

December 8, Almaty, PF “Adil Soz” conducted a study of the situation in Kazakhstan with regard to the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from December 1 to December 8, 2022[24].

December 9, Almaty, an online conference on “Human Rights in Kazakhstan 2022 through the Eyes of KIBHR Staff” was held to report on the consequences of #Qantar2022 events, arbitrary detention and torture, the rights of prisoners, labor rights and the rights of the child, freedom of peaceful assembly, speech and conscience [25].

December 9, Astana, the General Prosecutor’s Office dropped the criminal case on the death of 12-year-old Sultan Kylyshbek in Almaty during #Qantar2022 because “it is impossible to identify the person who committed the criminal offence”[26].

 December 9, Almaty, an unidentified man tried to deliver a funeral wreath for journalist Yergalieva G. The editorial board states that “unidentified harassers continue to put pressure on the channel’s staff”[27].

December 9, Almaty, Usipuly Ongarbek came out to the monument to Holodomor victims in Karagaily Square with a statement that “ethnic Kazakhs do not have access to food: because of the quarantine that was imposed by the authorities, people cannot go out into the street”. He urged international human rights organizations to intervene in the situation[28].

December 9, a number of ethno-cultural associations of Kazakhstan addressed a letter to President Tokayev K. asking him to intercede for the arrested Karakalpak activists. The letter states that their “detention is unfounded” and “the charges are unsubstantiated”[29].

December 9, Almaty, lawyers Kerimova R., Zhigalenok E. and Filatov V. are willing to spend the night in the building of the prosecutor’s office in Almaty in order to meet with the deputy prosecutor for the benefit of their client[30].


December 10, Shymkent, a group of activists came to the prosecutor’s office with a demand to release Ashtaev Zh. (Articles 269, 272, 405 of the Criminal Code of the RK), 3, 1 years’ imprisonment. They demanded to clarify why the law on amnesty was not applied to Ashtaev Zh[31].

December 10, Daniel Rosenblum, U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan: “The United States would like to recognize the important work of human rights defenders in Kazakhstan. Toregozhina Bakhytzhan is honored to be nominated for the 2022 International Women of Courage Award”[32].

December 12, Almaty, facility No. 72: The person accused in connection with the events #Qantar2022 went on hunger strike to protest against the court decision to transfer him from house arrest to 2-month detention, reports lawyer Saparkhanova Zh[33].

December 12, Astana, the examining court authorized the arrest of Abiyev Marat for 2 months for organizing a rally and resisting the police on the day of the inauguration of President Tokayev K.[34].

December 12, Almaty, citizen of Uzbekistan Kanatbayev Makset, who went missing during the events #Qantar2022 in Almaty, has not been found. It is known that he was detained by the police at the time of the bloodshed, and on January 6 he was placed in a temporary detention facility[35].

December 12, Karaganda, Aminov Dauren, Article 434 of the Administrative Offences Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 15 days of arrest. The court arrested him for disorderly conduct outside the building of the police department, for threatening to set himself on fire and for demanding “to return money to persons with disabilities”[36].

December 12, Aktobe, Baytkhanova Ainur, sister of Zhubanazarov Ruslambek, who was killed during the events #Qantar2022, says: “Many relatives of citizens who were shot and tortured by our authorities are afraid to talk about what happened to their relatives in January 2022 and continues to happen to them now”[37].

December 12, Almaty, “On January 7, 2022, the Internal Security Directorate of the Aktobe Oblast Police Department launched a pre-trial investigation into criminal case No. 221511031000030 relating to the discovery of the dead body of Zhubanazarov Ruslambek. During the year nothing has been done in this case” — reports Toregozhina Bakhytzhan[38].

December 12, Shymkent, Ashtayev Zhanmurat, (Articles 269, 272 and 405 of the Criminal Code of the RK), 3.1 years’ imprisonment. The Department of the Penal and Correctional System for Shymkent city and Turkestan region explained what rights the convicted person has. Ashtaev has the right to file a petition for the commutation of the unserved portion of the sentence[39].

December 12, Petropavlovsk, the akimat did not give permission to Izmailov S. to hold a peaceful protest on December 17 because of “work on the decoration of the city for the celebration of the New Year”[40].

December 12, Mangistau region, Beyneu village, two officers visited Baydakov Yergali to inform him that an administrative case had been opened against him on the complaint of the deputy akim of Beyneu village Shalbaev R. for criticizing the akim on Facebook[41].

December 13, Almaty region, Zarechnyi village, Narymbaev Yermek, Article 174 of the Criminal Code of the RK, 3 years of imprisonment. He applied to the court for mitigation of his punishment. The court dismissed the activist’s application, referring to the punishment that was imposed on him in June[42].

December 13, Zhambyl region, employees of Taraz locomotive repair depot, a branch of Kamkor Locomotive LLP went on strike. The main demands of the workers are to pay bonuses and increase wages by 100%[43].

December 13, Mangistau region, workers at an oil and gas production facility are on strike for the third day. They demand that their wages be doubled. The company management refuses to meet the strikers’ demands and threw them out on the street[44].

December 14, Astana, today a group of activists went to the Office of the President of Kazakhstan and urged the authorities to release from custody businessman Askar Omar, who was detained in a case of alleged fraud. They consider the arrest of the businessman to be politically motivated[45].

December 14, Almaty, the court partially satisfied the claim of Dastan Akimbekov, detained during the events #Qantar2022, for compensation for material and moral damages. In total, the court awarded him half a million tenge (about $ 1,070)[46].

December 14, Astana, “Families of the victims of the January events, who belong to vulnerable groups, will be paid compensation regardless of the results of the investigation”, informs a spokesman for the Prosecutor General’s Office, Kilimzhanov E[47].

December 14, Astana, “1,156 criminal cases were completed, 627 of them were sent to courts. As of today, 579 people were convicted, of whom 462 were sentenced to punishments not involving imprisonment. So far, 117 people have been sentenced to actual terms of imprisonment”, informs a spokesman for the Prosecutor General’s Office, Kilimzhanov E[48].

On December 14, the Russian censorship agency sent a notice to the editors of the Kazakh Internet publication with a demand to remove from the site publications about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The editorial board refused to obey the order, stating in a response letter that the order did not comply with the Kazakh legislation[49].

December 14, Mangistau region, at the North Karazhanbas field there is a strike of workers of Phystech II JSC with the demand to increase wages. The police intervened and took away the yurt. People were left in the steppe in the freezing cold of -15 degrees Celsius[50].

December 14, Almaty, the akimat did not give permission for a peaceful protest on December 17 to Abishev Aset because the notification was filed 4 days in advance, that is for non-compliance with the deadline for filing a notification (by law — the notification must be filed 5 days prior to the event)[51].

December 14, Astana, names of 7 citizens who are in the detention facility of the National Security Committee. Information is provided by the human rights defender Toregozhina Bakhytzhan[52].

December 14, Ekibastuz, Zhamaliyev Zhanat, Article 669 of the Administrative Offences Code of RK, was sentenced to 5 days in jail because he went live on air on October 26, 2022, with an appeal to Charles Michel, stating that he was being persecuted by the Kazakh authorities[53].

December 14, Aktobe region, Kobda village, Karagulov Alibek, Article 434 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK was sentenced to 8 days in jail “for using foul language in a public place”[54].

On December 14, Karaganda, the court dismissed the case against Aminov Nurken, who videotaped the “self-immolation” protest of his father, a member of the Association of Persons with Disabilities “ZhanDos”, near the police building on December 12 in Karaganda, “for lack of corpus delicti”[55].

December 15, Astana, The Prosecutor General’s Office plans to grant more rights to detained and convicted persons, to monitor the dismissal of guilty executives more strictly and to equip places of detention with video cameras. “From 2023, only prosecutors will investigate the case of torture”, says Prosecutor General Asylov B. [56].

December 15, Zhezkazgan, the city court dismissed the claim of Nasyrkhanov Burkutbai from the city of Satpayev to recognize the actions of the Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSC on freezing operations with money and wages as illegitimate[57].

December 15, Uralsk, Orazbayev Amangeldy, Article 405, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the RK. The court changed the preventive measure for A. Orazbayev from house arrest to holding in custody for violating the terms of the arrest[58].

December 15, Almaty, PF “Adil Soz” conducted a study of the situation in Kazakhstan with regard to the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from December 8 to December 15, 2022[59].

On December 15, the Russian Service for Supervision of Communications and Mass Media addressed a letter to the Kazakh site demanding to remove one of the daily reviews about the war in Ukraine. The site’s editorial board refused to remove the publication, stressing that in its work it is guided by the requirements of the Kazakh legislation[60].

December 15, Almaty, Khodzhiev Yesanboy held a solitary picket demanding the resignation of the government. He held a banner that read: “I demand the resignation of the government and elections of akims” and “Corruption Stop»[61].

December 15, Aktobe, the akimat accused a mother of many children, Indira Yktiyarova, who came to officials to ask for help, of disturbing public order. The court fined her under Article 434 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK for 107,205 tenge[62].

December 16, Almaty, the police detained Tolymbekov Beibarys, an activist of the movement “Oyan, Kazakhstan!”. He was taken to the Almaly district police department. “The police said they were instructed just to keep me”, Tolymbekov B. says[63]

December 16, Almaty, the following members of the movement “Oyan, Kazakhstan!” were detained on Baiseitova Street in the city center: Bota Sharipzhan, Ungarova Mira, Ospan Fariza, Nagashybek Bekdair, Baurzhan Adilkhan, Aidarkhan Aidana and Zhapisheva Asem. They were later released[64].

December 16, Almaty, an activist of the “Oyan, Kazakhstan!” Yermolcheva Vlada said that she has sustained a dislocated shoulder during the detention by the police, when she was about to take part in an action dedicated to the Zhanaozen events and Zheltoksan[65].

December 16, Pavlodar, “Even if there is a record of torture, the case can be closed at the stage of the investigation, although the victim was recorded beating and fractures. The facts of torture cannot be eradicated only by increasing the punishment. We need to make adjustments, to change the procedure of detecting and formalizing torture cases”, says Semyonova E. from the Association “We are against torture”[66].

December 18, Almaty, the Financial Monitoring Agency reports the detention of the journalist Mikhail Kozachkov, author of the telegram channel “Kozachkov offside” and journalist of the newspaper “Vremya”. He is suspected of complicity with the criminal group of Kospayev Yeldos, who was called an “assistant” of Nazarbayev Bolat in committing raider seizures[67].

December 18, Almaty, the public foundation “Adil Soz” expressed its willingness to provide assistance to the journalist. The chief editor of the newspaper Vremya, Lev Tarakov, and the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan also spoke in support of the detainee[68].

December 19, Uralsk, Urazbayev Bauyrzhan was summoned to the military enlistment office to undergo a medical examination. He can be enlisted in the military due to the activism of his father Urazbayev Amangeldy. Urazbayev B. is a full-time college student and, according to the Military Service Act, has the right to deferment of military service[69].

December 19, Shymkent, Niyetbayev Kuanysh reports that at night he was taken to the Police Department by brute force and forced under torture to give false testimony against activists Zhanbayeva Venera, Lepesova Nazira and Makhanbetaliev Turar[70].

December 19, Almaty, the public foundation “Adil Soz”   made a statement and addressed to the President of Kazakhstan Tokayev concerning violations of the rights of journalist Kozachkov, who had previously been detained for 48 hours by the Financial Monitoring Agency of the RK[71].

December 20, Almaty, journalist Mikhail Kozachkov sent a letter stating that he was unfoundedly accused of complicity in raiding and participation in organized criminal group, as well as of collecting and distributing state secrets. In his opinion, this is the revenge of Zhanat Elimanov, the head of the Financial Monitoring Agency (FMA), for the article about his wife[72].

December 20, Almaty, the examining court authorized the arrest of M. Kozachkov for 2 months[73].

December 20, the international NGO Committee to Protect Journalists, based in New York, urged the Kazakh authorities to immediately release M. Kozachkov and called to ensure safeguards for the media and journalists in the performance of their professional duties[74].

December 20, Almaty, at a press conference on the situation with the criminal prosecution of M. Kozachkov, human rights defender Zhovtis stated about the violation of journalist’s rights. “When it comes to situations related to journalists, opposition politicians or human rights defenders, there is a suspicion that there may be some political subtext in it”[75].

20 December, Astana, Kazakhstan’s General Prosecutor’s Office states that on the instructions of President Tokayev, it has launched an investigation into the Kozachkov case following a statement made by the media community and that the investigation of the high-profile case “is under the control of the prosecutorial authorities”[76].

December 20, Karaganda, Aminov Dauren, Article 434 of the Administrative Offences Code of the RK. 15 days of arrest. The regional court dismissed the appeal of Aminov, who threatened to set himself on fire as a sign of protest[77].

December 20, nearly a year after the bloody January events, Kazakh authorities failed to effectively investigated the serious loss of life and other grave human rights violations, Human Rights Watch says[78].

December 20, Mangistau region, the court recognized the strike of oil workers in the steppe as illegal. “The court decision satisfied the claim of Phystech II JSC, the workers’ strike was declared illegal” — reports the press service of the Tupkaragan district court[79].

On December 20, Almaty, the akimat did not give permission to feminists to hold a rally and march planned for March 8, 2023. The akimat refused, referring to the fact that it allegedly approved the holding of other events on March 8[80].

December 21, Astana, Zakirova Sanovar and several other people, who were dissatisfied with the court decisions, came to the House of Ministries, after which they planned to go to Akorda and to seek a meeting with President Tokayev K. She was detained and taken to the Yesil Police Department[81].

December 21, Astana, Zakirova Sanovar, Article 667 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the RK, 10 days of arrest for “disobeying instructions of a police officer”[82].

On December 21, Taraz, a scandal broke out at the hearing in the case of 9 people charged in connection with the #Qantar2022 events when the interrogation of the law enforcement officer began and he calmly talked about how he had fired 91 shots at peaceful people[83].

December 21, Shymkent, Muratbayeva Gulzhan, Article 405, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the RK. She was called in for questioning in a criminal case opened against her as a witness entitled to protection. She was asked about her relationship to the opposition politician Ablyazov and the movements “DCK” and “Koshe Partiyasy”[84].

December 22, Astana, “Criminal cases on torture against 29 employees of the National Security Committee and the Interior Ministry in the cities of Almaty and Taldykorgan have been completed. 17 of them have already been sent to court”, says Tashimbetov, a representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office[85].

December 22, Semey, Khamidullin Rufat, Article 272, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the RK. According to the investigation and the prosecution, he committed arson attack on two police vehicles on the night of January 6. The witness, who had been pointing at Khamidullin R. as the arsonist during the investigation, recanted her testimony, which had been given under pressure[86].

December 22, Astana, relatives of 5 citizens who were killed by bullets during #Qantar2022 events in Taraz came to the Prosecutor General’s Office. The case lacks evidence.  The witnesses summoned to the trial did not even know that the people against whom they testified had been dead for almost a year. The parents demanded to drop all charges against the victims and to fully justify them[87].

On December 22, the Nazarbayev Foundation withdrew its lawsuit against the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), which had been filed after an investigation into the activities of foundations established by former president Nazarbayev N. The parties exchanged written comments before the trial[88].

December 22, Astana, “238 people died, 19 of them were law enforcement officers and military personnel. If you are talking about the circumstances of the deaths of these or those people, these circumstances are all known to us by 95%. It would be distressing for some families if the circumstances of their loved ones’ deaths were made public”, says Tashimbayev, a representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office[89].

December 22, Almaty, there was a presentation of the draft law “On Protection of Human Rights Defenders” prepared by lawyer Elena Zhigalyonok. The presentation was organized by the NGO “Kadir-Kasiet”, the Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and the US-based human rights organization Freedom Now[90].

December 22, Almaty, PF “Adil Soz” conducted a study of the situation in Kazakhstan with regard to the right to freedom of expression, receiving and disseminating information from December 15 to December 22, 2022[91]

On 23 December in Almaty, the opening of the memorial to the victims of #Qantar2022 was scheduled with the participation of President Tokayev K. Employees of budgetary organizations were brought in, a crowd of police officers was observed. Law enforcement officers did not let journalists to the place of the event, claiming the absence of accreditation[92].

December 23, Shymkent, the akimat did not agree to the demands of the residents, asking “not to install the Christmas tree in the place where our children died”. After a short time, Deputy Akim Parmanov came out to them and said that the Christmas tree would be moved to another place[93].

December 23, Aktobe region, “According to the court’s decision, Uzbek citizen Yuldasheva T. will remain in custody until November 13, 2023, pending a decision on her extradition to Uzbekistan”[94].

December 23, Almaty, Mamay Zhanbolat, Articles 378, 274, 400 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The court hearing concerned an episode on dissemination of false information about credit amnesty. “I can confidently say that Mamay Zh. never said that people would surely be written off loans” — witness Duisebaeva says [95].

December 23, Astana, according to the Prosecutor General’s Office, 238 people were killed, 19 of them were security officers. There were 219 civilians among the dead: 67 were found suspected of participating in mass unrest; 142 violated the state of emergency and anti-terrorist regimes (22 of them accidentally came under fire or in a traffic accident); 4 were killed while committing other crimes; 6 were killed as a result of torture [96].

December 23, Astana, according to the Prosecutor General’s Office on the deaths of 213 civilians: 180 pre-trial investigations were terminated for lack of corpus delicti, 19 were stopped (8 cases because of failure to identify persons, 11 in connection with the appointed expertise), 12 cases are pending and 2 cases have been sent to court [97].

December 23, Astana, according to data from the Prosecutor General’s Office, 29 officers of law enforcement and special services ( Ministry of Internal Affairs — 17, National Security Committee — 12) were recognized as suspects for torture, 7 of them are under arrest ( NSC), 6 are under house arrest ( MIA — 1, National Security Committee — 5), 4 are on bail ( MIA), 11 are under written pledge not to leave the place ( MIA) and no preventive measure was selected for 1 person ( MIA)[98].

December 23, Astana, A total of 1,249 people have been convicted, according to the Astana Prosecutor General’s Office. Most of them were convicted of theft, theft of weapons, and participation in riots. A total of 160 people received actual prison sentences. The rest received lighter penalties[99].

December 23, Almaty, the Bostandyk district court No. 2 began consideration of criminal cases under 10 articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan against 25 defendants. Among them is one defendant, who was killed during the events #Qantar2022[100].

December 24, Astana, Donenbayev Timur, who has written a statement against President Tokayev for spreading false information, was detained under Article 174 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. His relatives report that police forced him to make an apology video[101].

December 24, Almaty, the registration of candidates for election to the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan is completed. Three activists who were not registered as candidates sued election commissions for violation of their constitutional rights [102].

December 26, Shymkent, Ashtaev Zhanmurat, Article 272, Part 2, Article 269, Part 2, Article 405 of the Criminal Code of the RK, 3, 5 years of imprisonment. The court dismissed the appeal.  The court found that “persons who had previously been involved in “extremist crimes” do not fall under the amnesty”[103].

December 26, Almaty, there was a press conference calling for the release of activist Tleuzhanova Aigerim from criminal prosecution. The investigation calls her a suspect in the case of the attack on the airport in Almaty[104].

December 26, Uralsk, the court dismissed the complaint of Satagulov Nurbulat, self-nominated candidate for the Senate, against the territorial election commission. “The reason for the rejection was the fact that the actions of the defendant were not preventing the plaintiff to perform his organizational activities”, — explains Judge Yerlan Usmanov[105].

December 26, Almaty, activists Nazarova, Ilyashev, and journalists Yegeubaeva and Mukhammedkarim announced the formation of the bloc “Altynshy Qantar” (“January 6”) and willingness to run in 2023 in the elections to the Majilis in single-mandate districts[106].

December 26, Petropavlovsk, the akimat did not authorize the “Day of Memory of the Bloody January” on January 7, 2023 in response to two notifications of Izmailov and Shirokobokova, explaining their refusal by the fact that will be held “the city stage of the competition in orienteering among schoolchildren”[107].

January 26, Semey, Khamidullin Rufat, Article 272, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Criminal Court No. 2 sentenced the man who was accused of setting fire to two police cars during #Qantar2022 to 3.5 years’ imprisonment[108].

December 27, Astana, the akimat did not give permission to activists to hold the “Day of Memory of the Bloody January” on January 7, 2023, in response to their notification because the venues were already occupied by “previously agreed events”[109].

December 27, Almaty, Bostandyk court No. 2. Mamay Zhanbolat, Articles 378, 274, 400 of the Criminal Code of the RK, questioning of witnesses. Witness Kasymbekov reports: “I heard the words of support for Zhanaozen residents; he said that it was a peaceful march and called for order. There were no calls to go to the akimat”[110].

December 28, the number of political prisoners in Kazakhstan increased after the January events, human rights activists say. They urge international organizations to pay attention to human rights violations in the country[111].

December 28, Almaty, the akimat did not give permission to Imangalieva B. to hold the “Day of Memory of the Bloody January” on January 7, 2023 in the square named after Valikhanov, because another “cultural mass event” was scheduled[112].

December 28, Almaty, Makhanbaev Kosay, Article 269, Part 3, Article 272 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who claimed that torture was used against him, was called a suspect in the case of the storming of the Almaty residence of the President during the January events[113].

December 28, Almaty, Mikhail Kozachkov, appeal. “Based on the ruling of the judicial division for criminal cases of the Almaty City Court, the measure of restraint in the form of detention for a period of two months until February 18, 2023, was left without change”[114].

December 28, Karaganda, Aminov Dauren, a member of the Association of persons with disabilities “ZhanDos”, was not allowed by the police in Temirtau at the meeting of the Minister of Internal Affairs with the population. He wanted to raise questions about the fact that people with disabilities are not fully paid for their work. Earlier this month, Aminov D. held a protest in front of the police building in Karaganda and threatened to set fire to himself[115].

December 28, Astana, “The Prosecutor General’s Office identifies 21 people in different regions of the country as “organizers of #Qantar2022”. Their actions are qualified under such articles as “mass riots” and “theft of weapons”, says Ozharov, a spokesman for the Prosecutor General’s Office[116].

December 28, Almaty, Mubarakov Aidar was summoned to the Almaty City Department of the National Security Committee for questioning as a “witness”[117].

December 29, Astana, “From among the military, one was convicted for the misuse of weapons during the January events”, says Deputy Defense Minister of the RK Kamaledinov [118].

December 29, Almaty, the NGO “International Legal Initiative” appealed to the court following the decision of the investigative body to stop the search for citizen of Uzbekistan Kanatbayev Makset, who went missing during the January events, — says A. Shormanbayev, representative of the aggrieved party[119].

December 29, Uralsk, the akimat did not give permission to the activist Baitemirov E.K. to hold the “Day of Memory of the Bloody January” on January 7, 2023, since the activities dedicated to the holidays of the New Year and Christmas were held on that day[120].

December 30, in response to a request from the fund “Ar.Rukh.Hak”, which was addressed to the fund “Kazakhstan Halkyna” to provide a list of victims of the January events, who received assistance, the following reply was given: “Regarding the issue of providing a list of those who have received assistance from the Fund, we inform that on January 4, 2023 the Fund will post this information on the official Internet resource of the Fund”, reports Chinkisbaeva[121].

December 31, Uralsk, Utepov Aslan, the examining court satisfied a motion for his arrest for two months on suspicion of fraud.  Utepov believes that the charges against him are a provocation by the police and prosecutor’s office, as he has actively criticized them. He is known for his fight against the illicit sale of medical drugs[122].