Kairat Klyshev: We are building the foundations of Kazakhstans prosperity!

On 28 September 2021 during the court hearing the political prisoner delivered a poignant speech and rebutted the empty words of the accusation against himself and other activists. KLYSHEV reminded the judge that the prosecutor and the investigator were not able to give even the slightest indication of the basis for the violent/extremist charges.
But that’s not what I want to write about. Listen to KLYSHEV’S speech. Every word is filled with the pain of a caring father of 4 children and a loving husband.
If you are looking for Heroes of our day — listen to the speech of Kairat and other activists. Help others to know the truth and wake up.
If you want a dignified life and pride in your country — get infected with the pain of a conscious citizen. The Kazakhs with capital letters who covet Kazakhstan’s independence in spite of repressions from their own fellow citizens.
Let KLYSHEV’S pain into your soul, as a talented businessman, exhausted by Nazarbayev’s system: he sees how Kazakhstan can be turned into a tourist paradise and bring people out of total poverty. Instead, Nazarbayev’s greed destroys and pushes more than 30,000 skilled citizens like Kairat and other activists out of the country every year…
KLYSHEV asks the judge: what will the Nazarbayev’s regime leave behind? There is no education in Kazakhstan, no health care system, sports have been destroyed, no tourism.
All wealth, freedom and the future are cynically surrendered to China and Russia by the execution of criminal orders.
KLYSHEV and other activists came out to protest in order to build the foundation of a happy future for children and future generations of Kazakhstan. For this, the perpetrators want to imprison Kairat, Noyan, Abai and Askhat for 5 years right now by a criminal order.
Are you ready to help them and yourselves to build the foundation of Kazakhstan’s prosperity?

Lyudmyla Kozlovska