ASABAYEV Asyizhan to 17 days of arrest on politically motivated

25 August 2021 The Kazygurt district court sentenced Asylzhan ASABAYEV to 17 days of arrest on politically motivated ruling under Article 488 Part 11 of the Code of Administrative Offences («repeated violation of the law on peaceful assemblies») for participation in a protest hunger strike on 1 July 2021 in front of the Shymkent city administration. Judge — #RAKHIMBAYEVA Gulmira Dikhanovna.
Village #Zhanatalap of Kazygurt district of Turkestan region (#Shymkent).
Political persecution of a civil activist Asylzhan #ASABAYEV.
According to the information received, police officers of the Kazygurt district Police Department arbitrarily detained Asylzhan ASABAYEV.
Previously, police officers had searched for the activist for a long time. Asylzhan had left his permanent place of residence for work in another city. Then, the police officers started exerting pressure on his mother. They threatened with imprisonment of her son, illegally demanded that Asylzhan change his residence registration and forced her to explain in writing the reasons for Asylzhan’s absence from home.
Previously, officers of the Kazygurt Police Department No. 12 had tortured and beaten Asylzhan during arrests. The authorities persecuted him for his civil activism.
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