3 questions for Tokayev before his trip to Brussels

On 8 November 2021 the Kazakhstani human rights activists made an appeal to the EU on the eve of President TOKAYEV’S trip to Brussels:
«In November 2021, the president of Kazakhstan is going to Brussels. TOKAYEV will talk about the pseudo-reforms to protect human rights and fight corruption in Kazakhstan.
But he will be silent about betraying the people and surrendering the sovereignty of Kazakhstan.
On 3 September TOKAYEV executed another criminal order of NAZARBAYEV, and signed a memorandum with SBER on surrendering digital sovereignty to Russia and China.
We believe that TOKAYEV has betrayed the people of Kazakhstan, and has no right to represent us, the people of Kazakhstan, in the international arena.
We are against the surrender of digital sovereignty of Kazakhstan by the NAZARBAYEV’S regime through a memorandum with SBER!
On the eve of TOKAYEV’S trip to Brussels, we appeal to the European Parliament and the leadership of the European Commission, ask TOKAYEV during his meetings in Brussels:
▪️why is he implementing NAZARBAYEV’S criminal orders, dooming peaceful citizens of Kazakhstan to economic death?
▪️when will the 16 political prisoners be released and the ban on the DCK and “Koshe Partiyasy” movements be lifted?
▪️why did TOKAYEV implement the order to surrender Kazakhstan’s digital sovereignty to Putin and China?»
Activists held placards calling on the EU, the US, Canada to impose personal sanctions for systematic violation of human rights and surrender Kazakhstan’s sovereignty in relation to:
— Nursultan NAZARBAYEV;
— Ruslan MAZHITOV.
The appeal was made by human rights activists:
Seilkhan TUSBEKOV, Astana;
Karlygash TURMANOVA, Almaty;
Bibigul IMANGALIYEVA, Almaty;
Zulfiya SADUAKAS, Zaisan;
Lyazzat ANAFINA, Pavlodar;
Aya SADVAKASOVA, Stepnogorsk;
Alibek KNASOV, Almaty;
Zhibek ZHAKUPOVA, Ekibastuz.

Lyudmyla Kozlovska